Zoe Plummer

Zoe Plummer

Zoe Plummer is a candidate on Junior Apprentice.

In week one, Zoe certainly made her mark. Hibah got extremely concerned that Zoe was eclipsing all of the work she was doing, and because of her "commanding presence" and tendancy to take control led to the other girls questioning her ability to work in a team[1].

In week two, along with Hibah, Zoe was extremely unhappy about the multi-functional idea generated by her fellow comrades. However, this disagreement was thankfully ignored, as she still turned on her charm to impress the retailers, Adam, and the rest of her team[1] with her "excellent" pitch (perhaps if the product was any good, maybe you might have made some orders!).

In week three, Zoe was the team leader, and turned into an enormous cupcake to assist the selling of the cupcakes. Arjun followed suit.

In week four, Zoe took to the task like a paint-brush to canvas[1]. As the daughter of two professional artists[1], Zoe was able to impress the selected artists. When it came to the exhibition, however, some of her fellow team members and Lord Alan Sugar accused her of "muscling in" on their sales pitch[1]. However, many of these accusations were like water off a duck's back, as she found herself part of the winning team, making a total sale of £6,005[1].

In week five, Zoe decided to take on board the comments from Arjun about her being too domineering[1]. However, her abrupt questioning and inability to ask the right questions to the designers resulted in an incomplete collection of information from the pitch. During the retail pitch, however, Zoe soon demonstrated where her strengths lay[1]. She quickly impressed the retailers with her professional and confident sales skills[1]. However, due to record sales from Instinct of £39,785.09 (as an oppose to £10,171.45 made by Revolution[2]), Zoe lost the task, and was therefore in the firing line. Arjun was the first to be declared in the final, and Emma was the fired candidate.

In week six, Zoe was teamed up with Kirsty as joint project managers to erect a new brand of bottled water alongside previous candidates Hannah Cherry, Hibah Ansary and Jordan De Courcy[1][3]. Throughout the task, Zoe had a high input in the task; she had strong creative input into the branding, worked with graffiti artists to produce a backdrop for the launch[1] and even sang the advert jingle herself. In the pitch, Zoe was able to handle very awkward questions regarding the coloring of the product very calmly and concisely; however, Zoe was responsible for the failure of the team as she pitched the product at the wrong target audience[1] (the teenage market[3]) causing her to miss out on a place in the final two[1]. However, she said that she had came onto the show to improve her business mind and skills, which she had accomplished[1]. She therefore stated her confidence of carving out a successful career in the business world and has since rolled out business plans for erecting an online vintage clothing store with her sister Rebecca[4].


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