Young Apprentice Series 3 Episode 1: Rags to riches, first aired on the 1st of November 2012. It is the first episode of the third series of Young Apprentice. This episode began with 12 candidates and one of them was fired, leaving 11 candidates in the process.

The initial boardroom briefingEdit

The 12 candidates arrived at the boardroom, meeting Lord Sugar for the first time, as well as their colleagues for the next 8 weeks. He gave them their first task: sort through a ton of discarded clothes, clean them up, and sell them at Europe's largest shopping centre and Battersea car boot sale. The candidates were split into two teams by gender.

The boys' teamEdit

Members: Andrew, David, Max, Patrick, Sean and Steven.

The boys team's name "Odyssey" was suggested by David and spelt correctly by Max.

As Patrick was fashion designer, he became the project manager, although Max was a vintage clothes dealer.

"I don't have any experience selling face to face". Max Grodecki

Day 1Edit

Young Apprentice Boys select clothes

Patrick, Steven and David sorting through a ton of clothes


Sean, Max (sub-team leader) and Andrew started with a good market research at a exclusive vintage clothes shop, whilst Patrick, David and Steven did a fairly good clothes selection. The difficulty was that Patrick was the only one of the team who knew what clothes should be chosen, so he wasted a long time helping others. Patrick spent more than £133.20 on customizing several items, including a wetsuit/kimono for £35.

"Only 1 out of the 66 million people in the UK would buy it" David Odhiambo refering to Patrick's customized items.

At the car boot saleEdit

The next day, whilst David, Steven and Patrick sold in the shopping centre, attracting customers with the customized clothes, Max, Andrew and Sean sold well in the car boot sale. Despite his brilliant academic qualifications, Max spent most of his time unloading the van, folding and refolding the clothes and very little time selling. At the car boot sale, Andrew sold £53 of clothes, Sean £40 and Max sold £14.

"We don't need more than one person selling? Selling is the thing that makes money and we're here to make money!" Sean Spooner

At the shopping centreEdit

At the shopping centre, David flirted and sold, and Steven sold as well, but they failed to sell the customized items. Patrick made the decision of leaving the shopping centre halfway through the day, at the shopping centre's busiest moment, deciding to target the retailers, against the will of David. As they could not sell the customized items the had to sell them all at the end of the day for £40, much less than it cost them to be customized. At the shopping centre, Steven sold £107 of the clothes, David £85 and Patrick sold £57.

"Would you be interested in taking all the bags? Just chuck a price out there" Steven Cole.

The girls' teamEdit

Members: Alice, Amy, Ashleigh, Lucy, Maria and Navdeep

The girls team's name was Platinum, suggested by Maria.

Ashleigh, a bridal shop assistant and trainee accountant, became project manager.

"If we put 100% in each, that's 600%" Ashleigh Porter-Exley

Day 1Edit

Ashleigh, Maria and Lucy quickly selected the clothes, although it wasn't the best product selection. At the laundrette, project manager Ashleigh decided to only wash the clothes that had to, and after talking about tailoring, decided that they would not do any as it would eat into their profit. Amy, Navdeep and Alice nearly washed the clothes in the drier instead of the washing machine.

"I told you that was the drier!" Navdeep Bual

At the shopping centreEdit

Amy, Alice and Navdeep sold in the shopping centre, although they didn't have as many customers as the boys, they didn't leave there, therefore the gained more money.

"I don't like it" Customer's girlfriend

"Is this you're girlfriend? If you wear that with you're friends when she's not there you'll get, you'll get.. that's good" Amy Corrigan to customer.

At the car boot saleEdit

At Battersea, Ashleigh, Lucy and Maria struggled to sell as they had the cheapest products. Even Maria recognized that they were being to pushy. At the end of the day the prices were dropped.

"One pound for everything on that rail" Lucy Beauvallet.

The boardroomEdit

"What's this for, a coctail party on the titanic?" Lord Sugar commenting on the kimono/wetsuit.

Platinum's total sales were £559.90, but spent £106.54, resulting in a profit of £453.36

Odyssey's total sales were £501.24, but spent £170.87, resulting in a profit of £330.37.

Platinum's treat was a high speed ride down the river Thames. Ashleigh, the project manager, was praised by Lord Sugar for keeping an eye on the accounts.

Patrick was criticized by Lord Sugar and the other candidates for spending to much money on tailoring and leaving the shopping centre early. Max was criticized by Lord Sugar and Sean for not selling much, but declared that they gained more money at the car boot sale than the girls, but they nearly doubled the boys in the shopping centre. David was criticized for causing friction.

Patrick brought Max and David back into the boardroom.

Whilst Patrick thought that Max should have been fired, both Max and David thought that Patrick should have been fired.

In the end Max was fired because Lord Sugar thought he "was made for different things", not selling anything and being a thinker instead of a doer.

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