Young Apprentice Series 3 Episode 2: Cookery Book, first aired on the 8th of November 2012. It is the second episode of the third series of Young Apprentice. This episode began with 11 candidates and one of them was fired, leaving 10 candidates in the process.

The taskEdit

The 11 candidates arrived at Sketch, a restaurant in central London. Lord Sugar gave them their first task: produce a cookery book and present the to three retailers that he had layed on for them. The team with most orders would win. Steven went over to Platinum and Maria moved over to Odyssey.


Members: Andrew, David, Maria, Patrick and Sean

As Sean had bean doing publishing for two and a half years, he became project manager, although Maria put herself forwards as she was the only woman.

"Waking up in the morning and owning a buisness is the same thing for me". Sean Spooner

Target market and researchEdit

Maria wanted to target a specific sector like "the profesional woman", although Andrew disagreed and wanted a broader target market.

"That will just put women off. Not all women are like barbies" Maria after hearing about making the book pink.

Andrew and David went to do the market research with some city profesionals. After the reseach, it was clear that they shouldn't only target the female market, as quite a lot of the men did the cooking instead. Maria stronly disagreed, but Sean went with the maket research. After a very convincing argument from Maria, Sean finaly decided to go for Maria's idea.

Cooking and publishingEdit

David and Andrew did an especialy good job at the cooking and the photography, and also did an excelent job with the publishing due to Sean publishing experience. But still, doubts were in both sub-teams about the final target market.

"That it really great. I'm so happy now. I was worried" Sean Spooner after recieving the pictures from Andrew and David.

The pitchEdit

The first two amizing pitches were done by Maria whilst Andrew cooked the food behind her. Everyone thought the pitches were excelent. For the third pitch Sean decided to let Patrick pitch and David cook, as he wanted everyone to have a chance. The third pitch, lead by Patrick, went horribly bad.

"Would you be interested in taking all the bags? Just chuck a price out there" Steven Cole.


Members: Alice, Amy, Ashleigh, Lucy, Navdeep and Steven

Lucy became project manager because she was used to bake cupcakes. She acknoleged that presentation would be a key part, and so indicated that it was important making cupcakes too. Alice also put herself foward, but admitted that she didn't have much experience.

"If we put 100% in each, that's 600%" Ashleigh Porter-Exley

Target market and researchEdit

Lucy came up with the student maket, and Steven came up with the comic style cook book. Amy came up with the name "Where's mummy?" and Steven added a hash tag in front.

"So if you hash tag a word or phase it will start to trend" Steven Cole explaining to Nick Hewer how hash tag's work.

Amy, Ashleigh and Alice went to see a profesional foodwriter who helped them design some fantastic new meals, but didn't create the recipes, disobeying Lucy's orders. That created friction amongst the sub-teams and lost time, as the photografic team had to create the recipes.

Cooking and publishingEdit

Due to not creating the recipes during their time with the profesional foodwriter, Lucy, Navdeep and Steven had to create the recipes, starting with only a ingredient list, cook the food and direct the photography shoot in very little time. This delayed the publishing team, Amy, Alice and Ashleigh, who then had to do it very quickly and had many spelling mistakes. This created even more friction amongst the sub-teams.

The pitchEdit

"One pound for everything on that rail" Lucy Beauvallet.

The boardroomEdit

"What's this for, a coctail party on the titanic?" Lord Sugar commenting on the kimono/wetsuit.

Platinum's total sales were £559.90, but spent £106.54, resulting in a profit of £453.36

Odyssey's total sales were £501.24, but spent £170.87, resulting in a profit of £330.37.

Platinum's treat was a high speed ride down the river Thames. Ashleigh, the project manager, was praised by Lord Sugar for keeping an eye on the accounts.

Patrick was criticized by Lord Sugar and the other candidates for spending to much money on tailoring and leaving the shopping centre early. Max was criticized by Lord Sugar and Sean for not selling much, but declared that they gained more money at the car boot sale than the girls, but they nearly doubled the boys in the shopping centre. David was criticized for causing friction.

Patrick brought Max and David back into the boardroom.

Whilst Patrick thought that Max should have been fired, both Max and David thought that Patrick should have been fired.

In the end Max was fired because Lord Sugar thought he was made for diferent things, not selling anything and being a thinker instead of a doer.

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