Tim Ankers

Tim Ankers

Tim Ankers is a candidate in Junior Apprentice. He was in the firing line week one despite having demonstrated a flash of creativity and business initiative with his idea of a "credit crunch lunch"[1], an idea that proved highly popular with the customers. After running out, he blamed the diabolical weather conditions on being the reason that Tim was incapable of making any more (describing the conditions as being "his least favorite"[1]).

His creativity came to light yet again during the brainstorming process at the very beginning of week two. One of his creations, "slide stuff" that was eventually used for the project and for the team's victory. Even Nick Hewer was impressed. However, he decided to duck out of the pitch, and left virtually the entire responsibility on Arjun Rajyagor.

In week three, Tim was put into the firing line, and was instructed by Lord Alan Sugar to be the team leader in week four.

In week four, Tim was, as promised, the team leader of Instinct. The "non arty-farty"[1] - took to the task with alacrity to the point of which he nearly appointed Hannah as his secretary. Nonetheless, the team continued their losing streak as a direct consequence of their loss of urban artist Tom Lewis; however, this didn't stop Tim from surviving to sell another day because of his strong performance as Project Manager[1].

In week five, however, what precious little remained of Instinct exceeded all expectations as though they'd just been released from a piece of elastic holding them back. Alongside Kirsty, they skillfully handled product negotiations with the rival teams[1] and the sales of the negotiated product (the bikes). In spite of mispronouncing Bhattavus as Bhattarvus on several occasions, Tim and Kirsty broke an Apprentice record by selling £39,785.09 as an oppose to just £10,171.45 from Revolution[2].

In week six, Tim was teamed up with Arjun Rajyagor and ex-candidates Rhys Rosser, Adam Eliaz and Emma Walker[3]. Another flash of creativity was demonstrated in this task; he erected the idea for the jingle and advert (he followed this up by joking that he should be cast as the lead role) and even gave A Bottle of Water it's title[1]. During the pitch, Tim showed himself off very calmly and eloquently, answering the cuff questions asked by the professionals with ease[1]. Tim was praised by Lord Alan Sugar for this, but was not given the job; the job was forked over to Arjun instead[1].


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