The Apprentice Wiki

The Apprentice Wiki is a Wiki dedicated to the coverage of The Apprentice and other related spinoffs (Junior Apprentice, Comic Relief Does The Apprentice and more). Our rules are listed below.

Wikia-endorsed policies[]

Ignore all rules[]

None of the rules on this page are absolute; and by that, I mean if the rules discourage you from improving the Wiki's quality, then please ignore them. The spirit of the rule trumps the letter of the rule. This is not an excuse to vandalise a page.


Please don't go insulting other users. Even if the target user doesn't know what he's doing, there is no reason to state so. Wikipedia:Don't call the kettle black illustrates this perfectly.


Everything you contribute must be compatible with the GNU Free Documentation License.

Edit summaries[]

Thorough elaborations as to what you did and why are universally appreciated.


Please don't revert constructive edits. Reverting can be too powerful, unless you're reverting obvious vandalism, such as "Launchballer's a pathetic excuse for an administrator" or someone changing "1+2=3" to "1+2=17". If you can't stand an edit, revert once, with an edit summary like "rv - Strongly disagree. I'll explain why at the talk page." and immediately take it to the talk page.


Do try to accomodate other people's quirks as best you can as per the robustness principle. However, if a user has done something wrong, you're welcome to be as assertive as you like provided you don't insult the editor.

Talk pages[]

So, you've come here from reverting an edit, and you want to post a comment. You're about to hit save. But wait! Have you added ~~~~ to the end of your comment? You haven't? Get back there and add it! What that will do is it will add your signature and the time that the comment was made to the end of the comment. This is necessary as we then know who posted what, when it was posted, and who needs to be warned about their civility, etc.


Usage of the preview button is vastly appreciated as it is of paramount assistance in the limitation of edit conflicts and mistakes.

Non-Wikia endorsed policies[]


Oddly enough, Wikia doesn't say anything about vandalism in it's simplified ruleset. I'm not entirely sure why, because if a user takes this as gospel and sees that vandalism isn't prohibited, he'll assume it's allowed. My foot, is it allowed. It'll be removed on sight and will likely result in a lengthy block. The same applies for spam.


A similar scenario here; why doesn't Wikia cover it? On this Wiki, all sockpuppets will be blocked indefinitely with talk page edits disabled and e-mail blocked. All edits made by sockpuppets will be reverted.


Wikipedia and Wikia both endorse assumption of good faith. I don't agree. Don't assume at all. The Wikipedia article on the subject links to the following quotation:

"If I may offer a bit of unsanctioned advice: Assume nothing. Don't assume good faith, even though that's something of a rule here on Wikipedia. Don't assume that another editor has a particular intent, whether "good" or "bad". Don't even assume that another editor is a human rather than a dog. Why? Because when you make any assumption, even one of good faith, you are creating for yourself an illusion from which the truth may disappoint you. More pertinently, you expect a series of interactions from your fellow editors that may or may not be fulfilled. Ultimately, you reduce your fellow editors to your own prejudices and preconceptions. If instead you assume nothing, nobody will ever correctly accuse you of assuming bad faith, and you will never fall short of the ideal of assuming good faith. Indeed, it's the best way out of that thought trap. Cheers, JeffBillman (talk) 03:00, 29 October 2009 (UTC)"


If you're going to stay here and be a idiot, please be an enormous idiot, so we can ban you and have you dealt with.

Be bold[]

Even though being bold is strongly encouraged by Wikia and Wikipedia, I personally don't agree with it as it gives mixed messages. On one hand, it says "BE BOLD! Go ahead, it's a Wiki!" and on the other it says "When in doubt, take it to the talk page". This to me is a dichotomy of terms and as such there is no consensus on this policy. For more information, see Help:Simplified ruleset and Wikipedia:Simplified Ruleset.

Dealing with trolls[]

There is such a Wikipedia policy as please don't feed the troll. I don't agree with this. I say that provided none of the other rules on this page are violated in doing so, if you have methods of dealing with trolls from other Wikis, these methods are cordially invited on here.

Removal of talk pages[]

Removal of talk pages is only allowed if the talk page is vandalism, spam, or anything else of that nature.

Unrelated articles[]

For the time being, they're not allowed. For example, series four candidate Lindi Mngaza got accused on Watchdog of pyramid selling - doesn't mean to say we should have articles on either Watchdog, or pyramid selling. However, once we get all of The Apprentice on here then I'll relax this policy, though for now, no.


Even though the GNU Free Documentation License states that any content on any Wiki can be reused by any other Wiki, you may not use it here as we need to write our own articles. This includes templates, since many of the templates Wikipedia uses - and usually other Wikis, since they do copy templates off of Wikipedia - are inferior to that of which we can produce, and are probably far more complicated. For more information on what plagiarism actually is, see


While maintaining a neutral point of view is one of Wikipedia's three core content policies, it is not on the simplified ruleset, so I'll state it here. Please don't try inserting opinions into articles. While the performance of some candidates are obviously superior to others, there's no need to write about it. While we strive to write ABOUT opinionated materials - such as quotes from The Apprentice - we do not attempt to write it.


Only correct grammar is allowed here. If you're thinking of bringing your Facebook/Messenger grammar and/or emoticons (otherwise known as smileys) here, then there's the door. It'll make our administrators resemble baboons. We will tolerate it up to a point in edit summaries.


Swearing isn't allowed unless you're citing a quote from one of the episodes. If you're adding constructive, and relevant quotes, feel free to add as many as you like! (If you're adding quote after quote after quote, please add a section specifically for this, though, since I don't want a cluttered article.)

Use of foriegn languages[]

Not permitted. Quite frankly, if you haven't realised that this Wiki is an English Wiki, then my advice is to leave the Wiki before you have the mickey taken out of you. We will accept American English, British English, and other English variants (although please don't use slang from that variant, such as "bonzer" and "streuth" since I won't know what you mean).


Talkbubbles are allowed, but I deliberately have not imported the template. If you use one on another Wiki feel free to import it.

External links[]

Feel free to add these to the article, preferably as an inline citation. You can see this in effect at Junior Apprentice. If you're not sure how to do this, please ask an ACTIVE administrator.

Rules are made to be broken[]

Is not a rule we follow on this Wiki. However, we do follow the Wikia-endorsed Wikipedia policy ignore all rules - please familiarise yourself with this before editing.

Template abuse[]

Very strongly recommended indeed. On this Wiki, template abuse is thoroughly encouraged. For example, on the Junior Apprentice article, we have a table in a userbox and then in an imageframe. If you're not too sure how to do it, User:Launchballer knows rather a lot about Wikia formatting, so feel free to ask at any point. Note that a lot of Wikis frown on this, as they are not sure how to do it themselves.