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Series Three of The Apprentice (UK), a British reality television, was broadcast in the UK during 2007 from 28 March to 13 June; it was the first series to be shown on BBC One, after the broadcaster moved it over from BBC Two, though it retained its usual timeslot as before.[1] This series attracted 10,000 applicants and promised "tougher tasks and better people" than before, with Lord Alan Sugar (then Sir Alan at time of broadcast) commenting that he believed that this would prevent the show morphing into a version of "Big Brother on wheels."[2] For this series, the number of candidates was increased to sixteen, and the two teams named Stealth and Eclipse, with Simon Ambrose winning the series.[3]

Two 90-minute specials were aired during the series run. The first programme was titled The Apprentice: Beyond the Boardroom and featured information about the personal lives of each of the semi-finalists. The second, The Apprentice: Why I Fired Them, featured Alan Sugar revealing his reasons over why he chose to remove each candidate from the programme.


Candidate Background Age Result
Simon Ambrose Internet Entrepreneur 27 Winner
Kristina Grimes Pharmaceutical Sales Manager 36 Runner-up
Katie Hopkins Global Brand Consultant 31 Quit after Interviews stage
Tre Azam Marketing and Design Consultant 27 Fired after Interviews stage
Lohit Kalburgi Telecoms Manager 25 Fired after Interviews stage
Naomi Lay Advertising Sales Manager 26 Fired after tenth task
Jadine Johnson Financial adviser 27 Fired after ninth task
Ghazal Asif Business Development Manager 23 Fired after eighth task
Adam Hosker Car Sales Manager 27 Fired after seventh task
Paul Callaghan Ex-British Army Lieutenant 27 Fired after sixth task
Natalie Wood Housewife 29 Fired after fifth task
Sophie Kain Quantum Physicist 32 Fired after fourth task
Gerri Blackwood Transport Development Manager 33 Fired after third task
Rory Laing Bankrupt Entrepreneur 28 Fired after second task
Iftikhar "Ifti" Chaudhri Company Director 33 Fired after second task
Andy Jackson Car Sales Manager 36 Fired after first task

Performance Chart[]

Candidate Task Number
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


Template:Color box The candidate won this series of The Apprentice.
Template:Color box The candidate was the runner-up.
Template:Color box The candidate won as project manager on his/her team, for this task.
Template:Color box The candidate lost as project manager on his/her team, for this task.
Template:Color box The candidate was on the winning team for this task / they passed the Interviews stage.
Template:Color box The candidate was on the losing team for this task.
Template:Color box The candidate was brought to the final boardroom for this task.
Template:Color box The candidate was fired in this task.
Template:Color box The candidate lost as project manager for this task and was fired.
Template:Color box The candidate left the competition on this task.


Week 1: Coffee to Go[]

  • Original Air Date: 28 March 2007
  • Eclipse: Jadine (Project Manager), Adam, Ifti, Lohit, Paul, Rory, Simon and Tre.
  • Stealth: Andy (Project Manager), Gerri, Ghazal, Katie, Kristina, Naomi, Natalie and Sophie.
  • Task: Sell coffee in Islington. The team that makes the most profit wins.[4][5]
  • Task Review: Eclipse opted to use both a fixed coffee stand and a mobile coffee van, making a good start and selling well throughout the task, yet made initial mistakes with some of the stock they purchased. Meanwhile, Stealth opted for the same sales strategy, but despite selling well, they overspent on stock, set up their van in an area already served by many low-price coffee outlets, and made a loss on items they purchased but didn't need to sell. Their mistakes overshadowed those of Eclipse, thus effectively costing them victory.
  • Result: Eclipse had a profit of £360.97, while Stealth had a profit of £111.92.
  • Winner: Eclipse – By £249.05
  • Reward: A trip to the Royal Ballet at Covent Garden.
  • Brought into the boardroom: Andy, Sophie and Gerri.
  • Fired: Andy – For his poor leadership on the task, and allowing Sophie and Gerri's mistakes to occur.
  • You're Fired panel: Sahar Ashemi, Ruth Badger and Mark Frith.
  • Notes:
    • The night before the task, the teams were instructed to choose project managers and come up with team names. While Jadine immediately volunteered to lead the women, none of the men particularly wanted to be project manager, but eventually went with Andy because of his more extensive sales experience. On the day of the task, Sir Alan had Andy and Jadine switch teams, while telling the boys to change their name after their original choice was found to be the name of a company that Tre had previously worked for.
    • Jadine caused considerable problems throughout the task, coming into conflict with Simon and Tre. This was due to both men claiming they had enough time to stay on a red route within a highly lucrative sales area before they needed to move on, in order to avoid being fined for overstaying. Jadine also openly berated the others for failing to emphasise the team's branding, after insisting on using it on their cart and van to make them stand out from other vendors. In the boardroom, Sir Alan claimed the use of branding would have had little effect. He also stated that, despite making an unproven claim that several members (implying Tre in particular) were unwilling to be led by a woman, attacking her team before the results was a bad idea.
    • Sir Alan stated that all three candidates in the final boardroom were to blame for the loss, but ultimately decided that Andy's poor leadership outweighed that of Sophie's overspending and Gerri's poor location placement. Although Andy pleaded with Sugar to change his decision, it failed to have any success; he had to be told twice that he was fired.

Week 2: Doggy Designs[]

  • Original Air Date: 4 April 2007
  • Eclipse: Rory (Project Manager), Adam, Ifti, Jadine, Lohit, Paul, Simon and Tre.
  • Stealth: Katie (Project Manager), Gerri, Ghazal, Kristina, Naomi, Natalie and Sophie.
  • Task: Design an innovative dog product and pitch it to three retailers. Most sale from orders, wins.[6][7]
  • Task Review: Eclipse were forced to go with designing a dog-owner utility belt, due to Rory opting for it against the advice of his team and feedback from the market research. While he caused further problems with his leadership, the team managed to secure orders from two of the retailers. Meanwhile, Stealth went with a design for a dog wardrobe, and focused on pitching it to the largest of the three retailers. This proved a decisive move, as while it was the only retailer to make an order, the amount they ordered gave the team a considerable win on the task.
  • Result: Eclipse made £565, while Stealth made £5,000
  • Winner: Stealth – By £4,435.
  • Reward: A luxury meal at The Dorchester Hotel in Mayfair.
  • Brought into the boardroom: Rory, Tre and Ifti.
  • Fired:
    • Ifti, with regret – For admitting to being unable to focus and contribute to tasks due to missing his family.
    • Rory – For his dictatorial leadership, designing a poor product, ignoring the research team's advice, and attempting to evade responsibility for the loss by deflecting blame onto Tre.
  • You're Fired panel: Maggie Philbin, Toby Young and Mary Portas
  • Notes:
    • Stealth's revenue out-grossed Eclipse's by a factor of 8.8:1 in the task, making it the biggest victory in the history of the UK version of The Apprentice at the time the episode was broadcast; the record has since been surpassed.
    • While Stealth's execution of the task was largely trouble-free, Ghazal was criticized for freezing up during the team's pitch to Harrods, which resulted in no sales.
    • In his column in that week's Daily Mirror, Sir Alan commented that had the show not changed its format to allow multiple firings, which was influenced by a number of factors in the last series, he would have had to keep either Ifti, despite his clear lack of motivation, or Rory, despite his awful leadership. Sir Alan fired Ifti as soon as the final boardroom began, before informing Rory and Tre that the boardroom would continue, and a second firing would take place.
    • Tre was very critical of Rory's performance, and was shown to have little respect for his leadership. Although Sir Alan warned Tre about his behaviour, stating that he "did not know when to back down", he did not hold him responsible for the loss, and saw no reason at all to keep Rory, who found it difficult to defend himself in the boardroom. By contrast, Tre had to be explicitly told to keep quiet to let Rory speak.
    • This task and its failings were shown on the spin-off episode The Worst Decisions Ever with guests criticising Rory's leadership heavily and his product even more-so, saying "such an item doesn't exist because nobody needs it". Tre even said that the belt could make users look like "a terrorist", while Adam derided it by saying that it "should have been called the Poo Pouche" in a parody of its name "The Pooch Pouch."

Week 3: Start-up Service[]

  • Original Air Date: 11 April 2007
  • Eclipse: Tre (Project Manager), Adam, Katie, Lohit, Paul, Simon and Tre.
  • Stealth: Naomi (Project Manager), Gerri, Ghazal, Jadine, Kristina, Naomi, Natalie and Sophie.
  • Task: Starting with £200, generate profit through whatever means. Most profit made, wins.[8][9][10]
  • Task Review: Eclipse opted to run a gardening business during the day, before organising a pub-singing service in the evening. While Tre's leadership was highly aggressive and the team had a slow start, they performed well and secured a good profit from their effort. Meanwhile, Stealth chose to run a face painting service for children in the day and a kiss-o-gram service in the evening. While the team had a slow start as well, they also lost a lot of custom due to mismanagement on their location, while Jadine, Gerri and Ghazal refused to participate in the kiss-o-grams, which earned considerable criticism. Their performance and evening idea ultimately drew in a small profit that could not win them the task.
  • Result: Eclipse had a profit of £189, while Stealth had a profit of £65.
  • Winner: Eclipse – By £124.
  • Reward: A night out in a Cuban bar and restaurant in London.
  • Brought into the boardroom: Naomi, Jadine and Gerri.
  • Fired: Gerri – For a lack of contribution in all three tasks, her poor choice of location on two of the tasks, and for openly admitting that she was "biding her time" before putting in a full effort.
  • You're Fired panel: Jo Cameron, Karren Brady and Rufus Hound
  • Notes:
    • Both teams were given a list of 200 business ideas, approved by Richmond council, that they were allowed to choose from for this task.
    • Only Kristina and Natalie were willing to give out kisses, causing Sir Alan to point out how ridiculous it was for Stealth to choose to run a business that five of the seven team members were not willing to take part in.
    • During the boardroom, Jadine openly questioned Naomi's decisions at several points, claiming that these had made her a bad leader on the task. While Sir Alan agreed that most of her decisions had been poor, he acknowledged that Naomi was at least a hard worker, in contrast to Gerri who had been content to stay in the background. Although she was deemed to have potential, Sugar pointed out that there was no excuse for Jadine's bad behavior, and thus warned her to improve it.

Week 4: Sugar Rush[]

  • Original Air Date: 18 April 2007
  • Eclipse: Adam (Project Manager), Katie, Lohit, Natalie, Simon and Sophie.
  • Stealth: Ghazal (Project Manager), Jadine, Kristina, Naomi, Paul and Tre.
  • Task: Manufacture sweets and sell them at London Zoo. Most profit made, wins.[11][12]
  • Task Review: Stealth opted to manufacture chocolate lollies with an animal design and bags of fudge, but struggled to manufacture enough stock that led them to effectively being out of stock an hour before the task was finished. Meanwhile, Eclipse went with orange flavoured lollies and chocolate lollies, the latter with a paw design, yet while the team had plenty to sell, they struggled to offload the orange lollies due to them being mistakenly labelled as 'natural'. In addition, they resorted to reducing their prices close to the task's deadline, eventually giving their remaining stock away for free, but could do nothing to prevent themselves losing the task.
  • Result: Stealth had a profit of £994, while Eclipse had a profit of £983.
  • Winner: Stealth – By £11.
  • Reward: A night out Bowling.
  • Brought into the boardroom: Adam, Sophie and Natalie.
  • Fired: Sophie – For lacking passion, selling the least across both teams, and for her naivety about the business world.[13]
  • You're Fired panel: Vanessa Feltz, Trevor Bish-Jones and Nick Hewer
  • Notes:
    • Sir Alan commented after the results that he did not feel that Stealth were deserving winners, and was further annoyed by Ghazal's cocky attitude and failure to acknowledge her mistakes in the boardroom; Tre ended up doing this for the team. The panel of You're Fired also agreed that Stealth got lucky and had they lost, Ghazal should have been fired.
    • Although Natalie was not fired, she was given a severe warning after she repeatedly lied to Sir Alan about who was responsible for the labelling error, even blaming Adam, when it had been her mistake.

Week 5: Fish, Lips and Horses[]

  • Original Air Date: 25 April 2007
  • Eclipse: Natalie (Project Manager), Adam, Katie, Lohit and Simon.
  • Stealth: Kristina (Project Manager), Ghazal, Jadine, Naomi, Paul and Tre.
  • Task: Choose photographs from two different artists and then sell them in a fashionable east London gallery. Most sales made, wins.[14][15]
  • Task Review: Stealth opted for artwork from artists, whose themes included horses and fish. Although Tre felt uncomfortable around the pictures, some of which depicted nipples, the team took to conducting the hard-sell with customer, earning favourable sales. Meanwhile, Eclipse went with artists whose work related to lips, Morocco and Colombia, and which had higher price ranges. However, one of their artist queried Natalie and Katie over how the team had laid out their gallery, which damaged their sales strategy, while their softer sales approach backfired, the latter effectively losing them the task.
  • Result: Eclipse had sales of £1,599.78, while Stealth had sales of £4,702.
  • Winner: Stealth – By £3,102.22.
  • Reward: A pampering session at a Champneys, a spa.
  • Brought into the boardroom: Natalie, Adam and Lohit.
  • Fired: Natalie, with regret – For lying in the boardroom, bringing back Adam for personal reasons instead of Katie, and because Sir Alan thought she was out of her depth.
  • You're Fired panel: Brian Sewell, Alvin Hall and Fi Glover
  • Notes:
    • A critical factor in Natalie's firing was her poor explanation over her decision to bring back Adam and Lohit, both of whom had done nothing wrong, although the latter had sold nothing. Her cause was not further helped by her falsely accusing Adam of lying about his preference of artists in the boardroom, when in reality he had liked one set of pictures, but had expressed reservations over how well they would sell. While she didn't openly challenge Natalie, Margaret pointed out that Adam had been telling the truth when the final three were sent outside.
    • It was implied that Katie should have been brought back and possibly fired for missing the point of the task, along with her failure to sell anything, and for mocking Adam when attempting to ask when she had failed to ask them herself.

Week 6: The Sausage Saga[]

  • Original Air Date: 2 May 2007
  • Eclipse: Lohit (Project Manager), Jadine, Naomi, Simon and Tre
  • Stealth: Paul (Project Manager), Adam, Ghazal, Katie and Kristina
  • Task: Buy high-quality British produce and then sell it at a French farmers' market in Arras. Most profit made, wins.[16][17]
  • Task Review: Eclipse chose to sell smoked fish, marmalade and tea. While the team found it difficult to sell their tea due to them being in a predominantly coffee-drinking nation, their fish and marmalade sold very well, greatly assisted by Simon's fluent French, with the team securing a healthy profit despite not selling everything. Meanwhile, Stealth opted for sausages, chutney, and cheap processed cheese bought at the last minute from a cash and carry. However, despite their sausages selling well, the team suffered major problems throughout the task; the team had to pay for an incorrectly translated banner due to arriving late and a communication error, lost sales due to trying to use tin with lighter fuel instead of a camping stove in order to cook samples of sausages, and had no fluent French speakers on their stands when Paul and Katie left to sell to trade very early. At the end of the day, the team had to dump the remainder of their stock at the port. These issues, coupled with their failure to sell hardly any of their cheese, left the team suffering a decisive loss.
  • Result: Stealth had a loss of £225, while Eclipse had a profit of £410.
  • Winner: Eclipse – By £635.
  • Reward: Indoor skydiving in a vertical wind tunnel.
  • Brought into the boardroom: Paul, Kristina and Adam.
  • Fired: Paul – For his horrendous decision-making, accepting no responsibility for the loss, and for bringing Kristina back into the boardroom instead of Katie.
  • You're Fired panel: Jean-Christophe Novelli, Mark Frith and Nick Hewer
  • Notes:
    • For this task, the teams were reshuffled to ensure they had French speakers on both side – Eclipse got Naomi and Simon, along with Tre who knew some basic French, while Stealth got Paul and Katie, along with Kristina who had a loose knowledge of the language.
    • Despite Simon earning praise from Sir Alan for Eclipse's performance in the boardroom, the team's execution of the task was not trouble-free, as during the task he was involved in a major spat on the ferry between himself and Jadine over referring to the team as "guys", which caused Jadine to accuse him of sexism and refuse to work with him until Lohit stepped in to defuse the situation. In addition, Lohit committed numerous gaffes while selling in the streets of Arras due to a poor grasp of French.
    • Both Nick and Sir Alan criticised Stealth over their decision to sell English cheese to the French; the former stated that no-one would ever "find an English cheese, never in a month of Sundays" in any French supermarket, while the latter dubbed the choice as "coals to Newcastle".
    • Although Paul, Katie and Ghazal attempted to blame Adam for the team's loss due to his overspend on their banner, Sir Alan noted that, while this had been a mistake, the team would still have made a loss of £106 had they not bought the banner, and that the choice of product had doomed them even before they had started selling. He also made it clear that he didn't hold Kristina responsible, as she had correctly identified flaws in her team strategy, secured the gas cooker that picked up sales, and was the only one to openly disagree with Paul during the task.
    • Paul was quick to vigorously deny claims from Kristina that he and Katie were in an "inappropriate relationship", after Adam stated that he had been "too close" to her to bring her back into the boardroom. While Sir Alan explained he didn't mind relationships between co-workers if it did not interfere with work, he warned Paul he would be out of the process if it proved to be the case. Although Katie defended him strongly, she was shown to disagree with several of the decisions Paul made in the task, including buying the cheese and using the improvised burner. In the following year's Worst Decisions Ever, Katie admitted that she thought even during the task that Paul's leadership was terrible, but still defended him out of personal loyalty.
    • Before making his final decision, Sir Alan indicated that he considered Paul to be a better overall candidate than Adam, but deemed Paul's bad decisions and refusal to take responsibility to be unforgivable. Although Adam survived, Sir Alan considered him totally at fault for the overspend on the banner, and questioned whether he could succeed in the competition. Adam in turn asked to be made project manager for the following task, which Sir Alan said that he would consider.
    • When Kristina and Adam returned to the house after Paul's firing, they did not receive cheers from the other candidates as before they returned, Katie and Ghazal had effectively framed them for the task failings. Katie also made personal attacks on Kristina, largely because she had been the only person who objected to Paul's decisions.
    • Paul's leadership on this task was later featured on the spin-off Worst Decisions Ever. In the special, Adam admitted that he intentionally did not object to Paul's choice of product knowing that it would lead to his termination.

Week 7: The 97 pence Victory[]

  • Original Air Date: 9 May 2007
  • Eclipse: Simon (Project Manager), Jadine, Lohit, Naomi and Tre.
  • Stealth: Adam (Project Manager), Ghazal, Katie and Kristina.
  • Task: Purchase a set list of ten items, negotiating for low prices. Least amount spent, after addition of fines, wins.[18][19]
  • Task Review: Eclipse mostly rushed into deals without having enough time to make negotiations, primarily from Simon's erratic leadership which caused tension amongst the team, while they had confusion over the nigella seeds, and were fined for buying second-rate tiles and wrongly assuming that this was counted as a discount. Meanwhile, Stealth managed to negotiate well on a number of items, thanks to Katie and Kristina putting aside personal differences, though were confused on the seeds as well and were ultimately fined for not purchasing them. Despite performing better, the team narrowly lost out on victory due to their spend and fines.
  • Result: Eclipse's remaining money was £459.68 (including fines), while Stealth's remaining money was £458.71 (including fines).
  • Winner: Eclipse – By 97p.
  • Reward: A racing car driving day at the Bedford Autodrome.
  • Brought into the boardroom: Adam, Katie and Ghazal.
  • Fired: Adam – For his poor leadership and organizational skills, failing to buy all the items despite the smaller fine it would incur, appearing in the boardroom four times in a row, for bringing back Katie instead of Kristina, and because Sir Alan felt he was out of his depth.
  • You're Fired panel: Michelle Mone, Jon Culshaw and Dominic Littlewood
  • Notes:
    • The items that the teams were required to get, included: a car battery, 3 kg of nigella seeds, a square metre of marble tiling, hair-removal wax, a house plant, leather trousers, a bin, a wetsuit, a white rabbit and a unicycle.
    • The victory margin in this episode is the smallest margin ever made on the show's history. If Adam had bought all the items, the fine for lateness would have been smaller and would have resulted in Stealth winning by £29.03.
    • When Adam, Katie and Ghazal were asked to wait outside the boardroom, Margaret criticised Adam's decision to bring Katie and Ghazal back into the boardroom as being "very silly", as she suspected he brought them back for personal reasons, although both he and Ghazal had made serious mistakes during the task. Whilst Katie's performance helped her to avoid being fired, Sir Alan gave her harsh criticism over her poor performances, her CV, and for continuously interrupting Adam in the boardroom, and thus warned her to improve her work.
    • Sir Alan seriously considered firing Ghazal, sharply criticising her for failing relay information about the nigella seeds after realising what they were by the halfway point, whilst also questioning her level of experience. However, he agreed to give her one last chance after she asked to lead the team on the next task. While he admitted that Adam probably didn't deserve to be in the final boardroom as often as he had been, Sir Alan felt that he made too many mistakes in both his turns as project manager to be allowed to continue.
    • It was revealed behind the scenes that, during the task, complications with the camera crew following Katie and Kristina meant that the pair were delayed for over an hour while a replacement crew was sent out, and so were given an additional hour for the task to make up for the delay.

Week 8: Brand-a Trainer[]

  • Original Air Date: 16 May 2007
  • Eclipse: Jadine (Project Manager), Lohit, Simon and Tre.
  • Stealth: Ghazal (Project Manager), Katie, Kristina and Naomi.
  • Task: Create a brand logo, poster and video advertisement for a new style of trainers. Best campaign made, wins.[20][21][22]
  • Task Review: Eclipse branded their trainers "Street", with a campaign around a "reclaim the street" message and a promise to donate 10% of the sale price to youth charities. While the campaign was good, advertising executives felt it was a bad move to name the specific amount the charity would receive. Meanwhile, Stealth branded their trainers as "Jam", with their campaign focused around an urban music theme, though Ghazal ignored Naomi's advice on it while having Katie direct the TV advert. While this was well made, the executives criticised it for lacking a message and failing to make it clear what was being advertised, ultimately declaring that the campaign barely resembled a trainer advert, thus effectively costing the team victory.
  • Winner: Eclipse – For a campaign that remained focused on the product.
  • Reward: A lesson at "Cocktail school" in The Savoy Hotel in London. On their way back, Eclipse saw a poster of their Street trainers on a bus stop.
  • Brought into the boardroom: Ghazal, Naomi and Katie.
  • Fired: Ghazal – For her very poor leadership, trying to force Sir Alan to fire Naomi by bringing Katie back, her cocky attitude and inability to take criticism, lacking business experience and for her generally poor track record.
  • You're Fired panel: Trevor Nelson, Karan Bilimoria and India Knight
  • Notes:
    • In the initial boardroom, Ghazal attempted to pin the blame mostly on Naomi, claiming she made no contribution despite her experience. Although her ideas were felt not to have been especially better than Katie's, Naomi quickly denied she was responsible, with Nick agreeing by making it clear that both she and Kristina had been sidelined in the task. Ghazal made a further attempt to sway Sir Alan to fire her by bringing Katie back with her, but this backfired after he saw through this. In regards to her firing, he stated that Ghazal was "all talk and no do" and that she "argues for the sake of arguing".
    • Katie, despite her poor track record, avoided being fired due to being the best performer on the task, refusing to assist Ghazal's plan to get Naomi fired, and for her overall defence in the boardroom. However, Sir Alan warned her that, despite this, she was now on her final chance. In that week's You're Fired, Katie (in an interview montage) said that while she preferred working with Ghazal over Naomi or Kristina, she felt that defending her in the final boardroom would have been fruitless, and that she had all but ensured her firing during the initial boardroom by repeatedly snapping at Sir Alan when he criticized her performance.
    • Tre did not attend Eclipse's treat, partly because his religious beliefs prevented him from drinking alcohol, but mainly because as he was upset at the likely prospect of Ghazal being fired.

Week 9: Feeling The Strain[]

  • Original Air Date: 23 May 2007
  • Eclipse: Tre (Project Manager), Jadine, Lohit and Simon.
  • Stealth: Katie (Project Manager), Kristina and Naomi.
  • Task: Interview representatives from five nations, choose three items from one nation, and then sell them to the trade. Most sales made, wins.[23][24]
  • Task Review: Stealth chose to market Canadian goods, including a "Rug in a Box" set, a portable light therapy device and a set of sport shoe insoles, but failed to make appointments after spending too long being briefed by the Canadian Trade Commissioner, and so were left to make appointments the following morning. Despite the setback, they performed well, with their items proving to have a high market value and thus making more. Meanwhile, Eclipse chose a set of Swedish products, a lamp with a built in air purifier, vacuum cleaner heads and a set of microwavable soft toys, but also spent too long with Commissioner as well. While they performed well, the team had trouble getting sales appointments, meaning that low sales, coupled with a fine for being late to the boardroom, ultimately cost them a win.
  • Result: Stealth made £2,226.59, while Eclipse made £1,344.29.
  • Winner: Stealth – By £882.30.
  • Reward: A £500 voucher to spend, with the aid of a personal shopper, at Selfridges.
  • Brought into the boardroom: Tre, Jadine and Lohit.
  • Fired: Jadine – For losing focus during much of the first day, admitting that she was unable to contribute to the task due to missing her daughter, and for making an unconvincing argument on being kept over Tre or Lohit.
  • You're Fired panel: Vijay Patel, Karren Brady and Felicity Lee
  • Notes:
    • Two days before this episode was broadcast, the Cutty Sark was badly damaged in a fire. The ship was used in this episode as the location for the teams' briefing.[25]
    • Sir Alan told Jadine that, although she was not ready yet, he felt that she could be a truly great businesswoman one day.
    • After Jadine was fired, Lohit was informed that he would have been fired if it had not been for her problems. While he had sold the most on the team and defended himself well in the boardroom, Sir Alan was now certain that he was not suited to his organisation. In addition, Tre, despite his strong track record prior to the task, was heavily criticised for choosing products with a low retail price and failing to bring back Simon, whose poor research had hindered both sub-teams in making sales appointments, with Sir Alan making it clear that he considered him primarily responsible for the team's loss.

Week 10: Selling on TV[]

  • Original Air Date: 30 May 2007
  • Eclipse: Simon (Project Manager), Naomi and Tre.
  • Stealth: Kristina (Project Manager), Katie and Lohit.
  • Task: Select and sell a variety of items on the Ideal World teleshopping channel. Most sales made, wins.[26][27][28][29]
  • Task Review: Stealth chose to sell chocolate fountains, foot spas, slimming pants and steam mops. and although Kristina's vacuum cleaner demonstration went badly wrong, Lohit and Katie managed to work well with selling the slimming pants, and sold reasonably good quantities. Meanwhile, Eclipse chose to sell foldable wheelchairs, decoupage pads, trampolines and leg shavers, yet the team struggled as Simon gave very few instructions to Tre and Naomi while in the producers' gallery, while making a spectacle of himself with the trampoline and having his choice on the wheelchair being questioned. Overall, the team drew in less sales and ultimately lost the task.
  • Result: Eclipse made £921.79, while Stealth made £1,339.10.
  • Winner: Stealth – By £417.31.
  • Reward: Trip to a Turkish Bath.
  • Brought into the boardroom: Simon, Tre, and Naomi.
  • Fired: Naomi, with regret – For her selection of poor products, being disrespectful towards Simon, and for a generally average-at-best track record, despite her great presenting skills.
  • You're Fired panel: Vanessa Feltz, Allisaon Keenan and Mark Frith
  • Notes:
    • Despite much boardroom hilarity at the on-screen antics, Sir Alan was not pleased with either team and was reluctant to tell Stealth their reward; complaints from Ideal World viewers described the candidates as being "rubbish" and "a waste of time".
    • Although he committed many errors, Simon avoided being fired because of his enthusiasm, his impressive track record, and for his choice of products contributing around £880 of the money raised by Eclipse, with Sir Alan defending him against Naomi's attempt to blame him for his presenting on the task and failing to sell her choices of the trampoline and decoupage pads. While Tre lacked the same enthusiasm as his teammate, and contributed little input, Sugar believed that Naomi was more directly at fault for the loss and that she had a far more inferior track record than him.
    • Kristina's performance was badly received by Sir Alan, who was not remotely amused by Lohit's comedic approach to selling slimming pants. He was also amazed that Kristina had managed to sell any vacuum cleaners at all, sarcastically suggesting the customers should be put in straitjackets.
    • A majority of the You're Fired studio audience disagreed with the decision and felt Simon should have been fired. While Sir Alan acknowledged Naomi's firing might have been unfair on the basis of the task, he stood by his decision to fire Naomi based on her performances throughout the process as a whole.

Week 11: Interviews[]

  • Original Air Date: 6 June 2007
  • Semi-finalists: Katie, Kristina, Lohit, Simon and Tre.
  • Task: The five remaining candidates undergo a gruelling interview process from three interviewers – Paul Kemsley, Claude Littner and Bordan Tkachuk. Sir Alan decides on which two proceed based on the feedback.[30]
  • Candidate Reviews: After the interviews, Katie, Simon and Kristina stood out amongst the five remaining candidates, with Kristina being the only one to receive positive reports from all three interviewers. Lohit received very few positive comments from the interviewers, while Tre was seen to lack maturity, as well as being argumentative and difficult, despite being a strong candidate. Simon was praised for being academically gifted and for knowing more than the other candidates about Sir Alan's companies, yet his track record came under fire for appearing too woolly, making it hard to understand where he was going with his career, while doubts were expressed over Katie's motives for entering the show. Of the five, Sir Alan immediately fired Lohit, followed by Tre, while Katie, despite being made one of the finalists, was beset by doubt and chose to stand down after Sir Alan advised her that she would have to make an absolute commitment to the job should she get it, effectively leaving Simon and Kristina to proceed to the final.
  • Fired:
    • Lohit – For being too nice and for having the worst CV of the final five.
    • Tre, with regret – For performing poorly in the interviews, his argumentative manner and for his lack of maturity.[30]
  • Left: Katie – Resigned, citing potential difficulties in making childcare arrangements should she be offered the job, despite a place in the finals.[31]
  • You're Fired panel: Kirsty Wark, Nick Hewer and Michelle Mone
  • Finalists: Kristina and Simon.
  • Notes:
    • Sir Alan noted that Lohit's firing was overdue, and that he would have been fired after the ninth task if not for Jadine's inability to continue in the process.
    • In a one-off special, The Apprentice: Why I Fired Them, broadcast a few days later, Sir Alan Sugar expressed his opinion that Katie had never really been interested in working for him but had entered the competition merely for the kudos. He said that he felt he had been hoodwinked, and that if Katie had not voluntarily stood down he would have reversed his decision and fired her after all.

Week 12: The Final[]

  • Original Air Date: 13 June 2007
  • Finalists: Kristina, Simon
  • Kristina's team: Adam, Paul, Naomi and Natalie.
  • Simon's team: Jadine, Lohit, Rory and Tre.
  • Task: Each finalist must put together a proposal for a redevelopment site that is both profit-making and has an iconic design, and demonstrate it in a presentation with experts. Sir Alan decides who is hired, based on design and performance.[32][33][34]
  • Task Review: Simon's proposal for the redevelopment was an ambitious building with an "organic" design called "The Wave", while Kristina offered a building called "The Phoenix", to symbolise the regeneration of the site. Both finalists offered well received presentations, with Sir Alan finding both candidates to be very employable. In the end, he felt that Simon was more of a risk taker, and thus declared him the winner.
  • Runner-up: Kristina – For playing a little too safe in task, despite a superior track record in the series and prior career to that of Simon.
  • Winner: Simon – For being more of a risk taker than Kristina, as well as his intelligence and insight on Sir Alan's business background.[35][36]
  • Notes:
    • The site to be developed on London's South Bank, which Sir Alan purchased for £120m, was originally occupied by the IBM Building.
    • The final boardroom scene shown in this episode was one of two different boardroom showdowns that was filmed, each portraying a possible result. In reality, Sir Alan took the finalists out for lunch and revealed to them who had won, close to the episode's air date.[37] Sir Alan himself admitted that he was "taking a risk" hiring Simon.


Unfair behaviour to candidates[]

Following their appearances on The Apprentice, both Gerri Blackwood and Tre Azam criticized the programme for how it treated the candidates. Blackwood mostly made allegations against the filming of the programme, stating that candidates were given misleading information by Hewer and Mountford, and that female contestants were forced to shower together in the same bathroom in the candidate's house, after two of its five bathrooms were closed by the production team, who allocated a third to the film crew.[38][39] Azam's allegation mainly focused on the programme's editing and the portrayal of candidates, mostly himself, stating that his portrayal had been "dumbed down" in comparison to the other candidates.[40]

Negative remarks over a product[]

After the sixth episode of the series was broadcast, the programme received criticism over Sugar's negative comments about a brand of cheese sold by wholesale chain Makro and manufacturer Wyke Farms. Both parties refuted his belief that viewers would not likely find the brand being sold in France, and pointed out that Sugar lacked any knowledge of the cheese market to have had reason to verbally blast Paul Callaghan for choosing to take the product to sell there.[41]

Sexual discrimination accusations[]

Following the broadcast of the eleventh episode, several organisation, including the Trades Union Congress, the Liberal Democrats, The Equal Opportunities Commission and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, accused Alan Sugar of sexism and breaching the 1976 Sex Discrimination act. The accusations were made in regards to him only questioning contestants Katie Hopkins and Kristina Grimes about their child-care arrangements, and not Tre Azam who was himself a parent. While the incident was well documented within the media,[42][43][44] none of those who made accusations took into account that both women were single parents at the time of the interviews, in comparison to Azam who was married,[31][45][46] and that Hopkins resigned from the programme after declining Sugar's initial offer of being one of the finalists during this episode.[47][48]

Despite this, Sugar responded in his defence to his actions, when appearing on GMTV, that he was aware of all rules regarding sexual discrimination within the workplace.[49][50] Simon Ambrose later denied claims from internet conspiracists that Katie's exit from the show was fixed, and that the segments were re-filmed and edited in later, insisting that nothing had been changed with the final edit of the episode.[51]


Official episode viewing figures are from BARB.[52]

Airdate Viewers
weekly ranking
1 28 March 2007 4.50 19
2 4 April 2007 4.98 16
3 11 April 2007 5.31 17
4 18 April 2007 5.68 10
5 25 April 2007 5.46 14
6 2 May 2007 5.68 11
7 9 May 2007 5.92 9
8 16 May 2007 6.05 11
9 23 May 2007 4.99 18
10 30 May 2007 5.23 12
11 6 June 2007 6.60 8
12 13 June 2007 7.09 5


Special Airdate Viewers
weekly ranking
Beyond the Boardroom 3 June 2007 1.62 22
Why I Fired Them 10 June 2007 2.46 8


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