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The Apprentice episode
Week Ten
Version: UK Series
Series: Series 3
Task: Selling products on TV
Project Managers: Simon (Eclipse)
Kristina (Stealth)
Team Changes: Naomi moves to Eclipse; Lohit moves to Stealth.
Fired: Naomi
Airdate: May 30th 2007
Series Three Tasks:
  1. Running a coffee stand
  2. Create an accessory for dog owners
  3. Create the most profit from £200
  4. Sell confectionery at London Zoo
  5. Display and sell artwork
  6. Sell British food at a French market
  7. Buying a list of ten items
  8. Advertising trainers
  9. Selling to the trade
  10. Selling products on TV
  11. Interviews
  12. Design and present a new building

Week Ten was the final regular task of the series, and saw the two teams presenting and selling live on the Ideal World shopping channel. The teams would present in two blocks, one with a single presenter, and one with two presenters, with whoever was not presenting acting as producer for the presenters that were on-air. Whoever made the highest sales volume would win.

The Task[]


Simon opted to take the solo pitching slot himself, assigning Naomi and Tre to the other slot. He picked a leg hair remover, and - unusually - a wheelchair. Naomi and Tre picked a home trampoline set and a set of decoupage pads, double-sided sticky pads used in crafting. Upon discovering that they would have to sell the wheelchair, Tre and Naomi were somewhat taken aback, and Tre argued the decision with Simon, but the two promised to try their best.

The next day, Tre and Naomi were on-air first, with Simon producing. Their first product was the leg hair remover, and Naomi demonstrated it one of of Tre's hands. Simon's lack of direction soon became apparent, as Tre was obviously unenthusiastic about presenting, and accidentally walked off-camera at one point. After this, they moved on to selling the wheelchair, and with Simon's continuing failure to give advice, soon started to struggle and repeat the same few points over and over.

When Simon's turn to present came, he started off with the decoupage pads, but seemed to have little idea of what their purpose was supposed to be, and started talking about the value for money they offered. With the pads not selling, Simon was instructed to move over to the trampoline, where a demonstration trampoline had been set up, and another, disassembled version was nearby. Naomi instructed Simon to demonstrate the trampoline, which led to the rather comical sight of Simon bouncing on the trampoline in full business attire. Simon was then told to demonstrate the other features of the product, and started demonstrating how to assemble the trampoline, by screwing in the detachable legs. Unknowingly, Simon happened to be holding the legs over his crotch, which made it look like he was masturbating, and despite many of the studio floor crew being reduced to hysterics, he evidently failed to realise this. (According to the Worst Decisions Ever special transmitted the following year, Simon was in fact told by Naomi that it looked like he was masturbating, but he panicked and suffered a mental block, and so carried on screwing the legs in anyway.)


Like Simon, Kristina took the solo slot herself, giving Katie and Lohit the other one. She picked a slimming pants and foot spas for Katie and Lohit to sell, and they in turn picked a steam cleaning broom and a chocolate fountain for Kristina.

Kristina was the first to present, and began by demonstrating the chocolate fountain. Despite Kristina repeating Katie's stage directions out loud and using the word "okay" excessively, the demonstration went relatively well. Things soon went wrong on the steam cleaner demonstration, when it turned out not to be set up right and not plugged in properly, and Kristina accidentally made an even worse mess of the demonstration carpet before realising that the cleaner hadn't been set up, then unwittingly swore while she was trying to set it up properly.

When Lohit and Katie's turn came round, despite Lohit not being particularly well suited to selling the slimming pants, the two proved to be the most effective of the sales teams, although even then the volume of goods that they were selling was very low.

The Boardroom[]

On arriving at the boardroom, Sir Alan revealed that he had been watching the teams selling on-air, and described their efforts as "the biggest load of tut I've seen in my life." He added that between them, Stealth and Eclipse had managed barely a tenth of the sales that Ideal World normally makes in the time slot, and that the station had been hit with several complaints over the ineffective presenters. Simon was accused of dividing his team up wrong and taking the solo slot for reasons of vanity rather than choosing the person best suited (who Sir Alan felt would have been Naomi), and Kristina was also questioned on the chaotic steam cleaner demonstration, though she blamed the studio staff for not setting it up right. It was also revealed that despite the ineffective demonstration, she had still sold three cleaners. The subject of Lohit having to sell women's panties was also bought up. Simon was also criticised for choosing the wheelchair, but it was also mentioned that Eclipse had sold two of them. Sir Alan asked Naomi what the decoupage pads were supposed to be, and she gave a fairly vague description of them, making it apparent that she had not clearly instructed Simon either. The trampoline was then bought up, and the boardroom briefly descended into hysterics, before Sir Alan bought things back on track by pointing out that Eclipse hadn't sold any of their trampolines at all. Eclipse's sales totalled just £921.79, and Stealth did marginally better at £1339.10. Sir Alan told Stealth that they were lucky that Eclipse had performed worse and that they didn't really deserve a reward beyond safety from being fired, but they were sent to a Turkish spa for their victory anyway.

While Sir Alan criticised Simon in the boardroom for his poor presenting and choice of the wheelchair, he made it clear that he considered Tre and Naomi to be chiefly responsible for the defeat, by choosing poor products; apart from a small amount of money earned from the decoupage pads, all of Eclipse's income was from the products that Simon chose. He then sent Eclipse out while he had a discussion with Nick and Margaret; while it was agreed that they were all culpable to some extent, Nick pointed out that Naomi had been a consistently poor performer throughout the series, even on the tasks that she had won, and had demonstrated no useful skills.

After Eclipse returned to the boardroom for the final time, Sir Alan virtually absolved Simon of any blame for the task's failure, repeating that he felt Tre and Naomi were more responsible through their negativity and poor product selection, but he still had doubts about whether Simon was really ready for the job. Much of the final boardroom was focused on Tre, who Sir Alan felt had been insubordinate to Simon through the whole task, and Sir Alan had his doubts about whether Tre would behave the same way in a larger company. Tre denied that he would, but Sir Alan still had doubts. In the end, Sir Alan felt that Simon and Tre, despite their many flaws, had demonstrated that they had something to offer. By comparison, he felt that Naomi lacked any real skills that he could use, and so she was fired. Nonetheless, Simon and Tre were warned that there was now no more room for mistakes.