The Apprentice episode
Week Six
Version: UK Series
Series: Series 3
Task: Sell British food at a French market
Project Managers: Lohit (Eclipse)
Paul (Stealth)
Team Changes: Tre, Naomi and Jadine move to Eclipse; Adam and Katie move to Stealth.
Fired: Paul
Airdate: May 1st 2007
Series Three Tasks:
  1. Running a coffee stand
  2. Create an accessory for dog owners
  3. Create the most profit from £200
  4. Sell confectionery at London Zoo
  5. Display and sell artwork
  6. Sell British food at a French market
  7. Buying a list of ten items
  8. Advertising trainers
  9. Selling to the trade
  10. Selling products on TV
  11. Interviews
  12. Design and present a new building

Week Six was the halfway point of the series, and saw the candidates leave the UK for the first time in the history of the show, tasked with selling high quality British food to a market in Arras, France.

The TaskEdit


Lohit was placed in charge of Eclipse for the task and for the first day, which involved buying the products they would sell at the market, split the team into two groups, the first consisting of himself and Tre, the second including Simon, Jadine and Naomi. They decided on an English breakfast theme which included smoked fish, jams and tea, the latter of which Nick noted was a curious choice considering that coffee was a much more popular drink in France. They also purchased £20 worth of flags and bunting to decorate their stall with. Eclipse encountered some problems on the first day such as their van driver getting lost and only just getting to the ferry on time, and more seriously a massive dispute which suddenly arose between Jadine and Simon with no obvious cause. Jadine refused any attempt by Simon to reconciliate, and it was left to Lohit to try and settle things down.

The team arrived at the market in good time, and were soon ready to start selling. Simon and Naomi were the only two on the team capable of conversational French, and so Simon was left to oversee the market stall, while Lohit took Naomi to sell on the streets to individuals and businesses, although Lohit's rather basic French caused him to make a number of gaffes while speaking to potential customers. Back at the market stall, business was brisk, with the fish and marmalade proving popular, while the other flavours of jam proved less popular, and there was practically no interest in the tea. Tre and Jadine's lack of French skill was a problem at first, but as the day went on and they picked up phrases, it became less of a problem. By the end of the day they had managed to sell all of their fish and most of their jams, but virtually none of their tea.


Under Paul's leadership, Stealth first decided to sell pork sausages, but hadn't thought of anything else that they could sell by the time they left the house. One half of the team, containing Kristina, Katie and Ghazal visited an award-winning sausage supplier run by a women's prison, and after trying some samples cooked by the supplier decided that it would be a good idea to cook some of the sausages for potential customers at the market to sample. They asked Paul (who was in the other half of the team, with Adam) to buy a gas camping stove as he was visiting Makro, a wholesaler, but he decided on the unusual solution of buying a can of baked beans and a petroleum jelly burner. His plan was to eat the beans from the can, then puncture some holes in it to serve as air vents, and place the lit can of jelly inside it to heat up a frying pan. With this obtained, he ordered the second team to buy 100 packs of sausages.

After leaving Makro, he suddenly decided to go back there and buy a bulk load of cheese and chutney, despite Kristina's objections, eventually spending over £200 on several huge blocks of cheese, along with purchasing black pudding and chutney. Kristina was aghast upon hearing this, deeming it a mistake for two reasons; firstly because the French produce a lot of their own cheese, and secondly because buying bulk, mass-produced food was going against the whole idea of the task. Paul and Adam then went to a printing company to collect a banner that Adam had ordered earlier in the day, which was supposed to read "Traditional English Products" in French and be ready for 11AM that day (it was 4:30PM by the time they arrived), only to discover that it would cost them £170, rather than the £50 that Paul had in mind. Paul and Adam attempted to negotiate the price down, but were met with an angry response from the printing company's manager, who told them that they had put a lot of effort into preparing it for the original 11AM deadline and that it wasn't their fault that Paul and Adam were so late. He offered them the banner for £110, which was the absolute minimum price he was willing to accept. Adam agreed on this price, leaving Paul concerned that such a massive chunk of their budget was going on the banner. On the ferry over to France, most of Stealth were confident of victory, with the notable exception of Kristina.

An early indication of the problems Stealth would encounter during the day came when they were setting up the stand, as it turned out on closer inspection that their expensive banner actually read "Traditionals Product of English Man" rather than the intended message. Still, they began trying to sell their cheese, with almost no success. Adam tried to cook some sausages using Paul's burner, but had difficulty getting it to light. It eventually took over an hour to get the burner lit, with Adam having to remove a large chunk of the tin in order to light it fully. Even then however, it didn't cook the sausages properly, and by the time the burner had used up its supply of jelly the sausages were only half-cooked, and still inedible. Paul and Katie then started trying to sell to local businesses - leaving the stall in the hands of Adam, Ghazal and Kristina, none of whom spoke French - with a similar lack of success, at one point trying to sell to a Muslim kebab shop owner, an attempt which was doubly doomed by the fact that Muslims are forbidden to eat pork and that it was the month of Ramadan, where Muslims do not eat during the day. Paul eventually managed to sell ten packs of sausages at cost price, and effectively lost money by throwing in some of their black pudding for nothing.

Back at the stall, while the chutney was proving to be quite a good seller, the lack of sales on the cheese or sausages prompted Kristina to take action, and she got permission to cook them in the kitchen of a local restaurant. Now with samples to offer, the packs of sausages finally started selling, though Kristina angrily confronted Paul about his selling the sausages at cost price when he and Katie returned to the stall. Despite selling most of their chutney and managing to shift some of their sausages later in the day, they were left with a large amount of produce, including over half of their cheese, and had to throw away everything except the chutney before boarding the ferry home.

The BoardroomEdit

Eclipse complimented Lohit's leadership, and Paul got praise from most of Stealth, though Kristina heavily criticised him even before the results were announced. When the final figures were read out, it emerged that Eclipse had spent £445 and taken £855, leading to a profit of £410 despite losing money on the tea. Stealth, on the other hand had spent £741 and only recouped £515.26, leading to a loss of £225.84. Sir Alan admonished Stealth for losing money, then sent Eclipse to their reward, which was a visit to an indoor wind tunnel that simulated the experience of skydiving.

Upon their return to the boardroom, Stealth were quizzed as to their loss, and Paul blamed it on not being able to sell enough cheese or sausages. Sir Alan questioned the choice of the "breeze blocks" of cheese and their decision to buy from a cash and carry, and Nick in particular pointed out that trying to sell cheese to the French was totally futile, given that cheese from other countries is almost never sold in France. Kristina pointed out that she had opposed the choice of cheese, but Paul kept insisting that the cheese was high quality, only for Sir Alan to stop the discussion by pointing out that it was like "taking coals to Newcastle" regardless. The banner was also bought up, and despite Adam pointing out that they had gotten a £60 reduction from the original price, Nick retorted that it was pointless since they were never going to get any money back from the banner, and also added that the Eclipse stand looked far better and cost just £20. Paul's choice of cooking equipment was also branded "a total bloody joke" by Sir Alan, and he told Paul that even if Makro didn't have any gas burners in stock, there were plenty of other places where they could have bought one. Paul, backed up by Katie then started attacking Adam and Kristina, accusing the former of overspending on the banner, and the latter of being disruptive and damaging the team morale. He chose to bring them back into the boardroom, despite Sir Alan warning him that he didn't think he was making the right decision.

After Paul, Adam and Kristina returned for the final boardroom, Sir Alan repeated his point of Paul totally missing the point of the task, and told Paul that he considered him totally responsible for the task's failure. He demanded that Paul justify why he should stay in the competition, and Paul repeated his belief that he had taken high quality products to France, as well as attacking Adam and Kristina for the reasons he had mentioned previously. Adam told Sir Alan that Katie should have been bought back instead since she had been involved in making the key decisions in the task, but that Paul hadn't bought her back because they were "too close." Kristina then elaborated on this statement by revealing that Paul and Katie were in a relationship, leaving Sir Alan furious at what was becoming obvious as the real reason why Paul had bought Adam and Kristina back instead of Katie. Paul continued to attack Adam and Kristina, who he accused of doing nothing but complaining, only for this statement to backfire when Margaret pointed out that it was Kristina that had gotten the sausages cooked after the failure of Paul's device, and prevented what could have been an even worse loss. Sir Alan told Paul that he had expected much better from him and that the task had been a disaster, but at the same time said that he felt Paul was probably a better candidate than Adam overall, and wondered whether Adam deserved to be fired, as this was his third time in the boardroom in a row. However, he fired Paul, blasting him for his poor decisions and branding him "a total shambles."

Back at the house, Katie and Ghazal had evidently spent their time convincing the Eclipse members that Kristina and especially Adam were responsible for the defeat, and so when they returned from the boardroom, they were met with a rather hostile response from the others.

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