Series Six, Week Two is the second episode of Series Six of The Apprentice.

The taskEdit

Lord Sugar is to design and produce a new beach accessory and pitch it to three retailers Lord Sugar lined up for them.

Team changesEdit

Because Raleigh had to go home due to his brother being put into a serious situation; he was in a coma at the time of Raleigh's departure, Stella moved over to the boys as a replacement and consequently became team leader. For the girls, Laura stepped up.


With Laura in charge, all seven girls search for ideas; unable to think of an idea, Liz, Paloma and Sandeesh step outside for inspiration over a game of tennis. The result? An IKEA-resemblant flatpack which, when erected, is a stand that holds your book in place whilst you read it so that you can use your hands to do whatever else you wish. The girls kept talking over each other to the point of which Laura walked out and took five minutes out. This may be considered hypocritical because she, whilst taking her five minutes out, she described her fellow team-mates as "really unprofessional"; having said that, taking five minutes out is considered equally as unprofessional.


With Stella whipping the boys into shape as she does in her regular job - a fact not universally appreciated by everybody with Chris going as far as to describe her management as "piss-poor" - Alex, Chris and Christopher go asking if families like the "Cüüli[es]" beach towel. Despite the universal dislike for it, the prototype of a "rolled-up towel" with a head-rest which doubles as a water-cooler.


Business 1 Business 2 Business 3
Apollo[note 1] 0 0 0
Synergy 0 100 0


Apollo were brought back, and quite simply appalled Lord Sugar with their incessant moaning to the point of which that Karren Brady made a complaint about their behavior in front of the girls:

  • "Can I just say something? You are representing businesswomen today and I have to say that it is outrageous the way that you are behaving. 70% of my management team are women and I've never come across anything like this. I think you have to remember who you are representing in this process, young women out there who want to have an opportunity like this. You should set an example."[1]


While Joy may have been fired that week, Lord Sugar certainly had a go at both Laura and Joanna with Lord Sugar moaning at Laura describing her result as "pathetic" and but also saying to Joanna that if she did not put make a "remarkable recovery"[2], she would be shortly leaving the process.

You're Fired!Edit

Raleigh explains why he had to leave The Apprentice. The celebrities who appeared were Karren Brady (who needs no introduction), comedian Jack Whitehall and Lisa Smosarski (editor of 'Stylist' magazine).


  1. Lord Sugar remarked that this was the first time any team have had absolutely no orders whatsoever. This would not have happened were it not for the team refusing exclusivity.


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