Series Six, Week Three is the third week of series six of The Apprentice.

The taskEdit

Making and selling cakes.

Team changesEdit

Shibby and Chris switch to Apollo and Melissa and Joanna moving to Synergy. The former two from each team both became team leaders of the teams they joined.


After preliminary struggle to generate an idea for what they could sell; this resulted in a pitch that, as described by Jamie, was "diabolical". After being offered five minutes to calculate their pricing and they come back after fifteen, the company described them as "very disrespectful". However, Melissa does manage to produce all of their orders with the military precision of ex-Royal Marine Commando Christopher; just fails to sell their muffins, forcing them to sell them on the streets - with much success.


Apollo very quickly gets organised and quite quickly organises his team; after striking a deal with a four-star hotel for an order of 1,000 bread rolls, 500 croissants and 400 muffins, things go downhill very quickly. Shibby has to confess to the hotel owner that, as an example, manages to sell a puny 16 of the 1,000 bread rolls proposed. The hotel owner says "I've just made a profit on an order I don't have. Great way to run a business" and Apollo's market-trading left a painful amount left to be desired.


Synergy made revenue of £999.37 and an outcome of £139.50, resulting in a profit of £859.37. Apollo made revenue of £974.92, but made an outcome of £308.93, resulting in a profit of £655.99. Shibby brung back Paloma and Sandeesh. While Shibby did get fired, Sandeesh was cautioned to not sit on the fence.

You're Fired!Edit

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