Series Six, Week Six is the sixth episode of series six of The Apprentice in which the candidates advertise a new brand of household cleaning product.


Managed by Alex Epstein, they initially struggled but do eventually come up with Germ-O-Nator (an combination of 'terminate' and 'germ').


Managed by Christopher Farrell, they initially struggled but do eventually come up with the concept of Octi-Kleen inspired by '8 hands are better than two'. This idea is not appreciated by Nick Hewer, however. "So much for the liberated woman, this commercial is a stereotypical mumsy housewife... In 2010 you do not show this kind of 1950s schmaltz.[1]"


Synergy had not lost, because whilst they, unlike Apollo, had understood the concept of the task, they illustrated it appallingly - Apollo had not understood it. Alex brings back Chris and Sandeesh, but Lord Sugar has said that Laura got away with it 'scot-free'.


Alex. Lord Sugar did not agree with the reasoning behind Sandeesh's firing and sent her back to the house straight away and decided that while Chris had made some unforgivable errors, his positives - which include leading the team that holds the record for the highest profit margins - outweighed the negatives and with regret chose to fire Alex.

The Apprentice: You're Fired!Edit


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