Series Six, Week Seven is the seventh week of series six of The Apprentice.


The two teams were asked to advertise to the general public the chance to star in their own movie.

Team changesEdit

Chris Bates and Sandeesh Samra were moved to Synergy and Sandeesh was made team leader there. Joanna Riley and Stella English were moved to Apollo and Stuart was made team leader there.


Stuart initally plans to do theirs on 20-30 year olds, but changes it to children at the last minute. This decision leads to Joanna asking "Is he taking the piss?[1]" Baggs' management leaves Nick Hewer saying "Stuart's leadership style leaves me trembling with irritation. Who does he think he is?[2]"


Synergy do theirs on children.


Team Revenue Costs Profit
Apollo £347.50 £85 £262.50
Synergy £372.97 £150 £222.97

Sandeesh brings back Chris and Liz.


Sandeesh. Lord Sugar said that Chris Bates and Liz Locke were decidedly strong candidates and, at this point, Lord Sugar did not want to fire either of them.

You're Fired!Edit


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