Series Six, Week One is the premier episode of series six of The Apprentice. It aired on Wednesday, 6th October 2010.


The candidates met Lord Alan Sugar at midnight, who instructed the candidates to work through the night manufacturing sausages.



Whilst Joanna Riley volunteered to be project manager, Melissa Cohen keeps locking horns with Joanna. While half the girls go out buying, Joanna and the girls grill other bakers for trade secrets. They sell gourmet sausages with 70% meat content.


Dan Harris is the project manager who aggressively ensures that the team stick to bargain bangers with a paltry 42% meat content.


Apollo won with a profit of £321.16 and Synergy lost by just £15.26 with a profit of £305.90. Dan selects Alex and Stuart to come back to the boardroom.


Dan for causing the failure of the task.

You're Fired!Edit

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