Series Six, Week Nine is the ninth episode of series six of The Apprentice. In this episode, Lord Sugar asks the candidates to buy ten items for as little as possible. In this task, Stuart and Liz switch places.



Led by Jamie Lester, the team are quickly commented on by Karren Brady; "Jamie's shown that he's got two key talents which are good for negotiating - one, never take no for an answer, and two, persistence and determination alone get you the price you want[1]".


Apollo, including fines, bought all of their items for £1,094.40[2]. Synergy's outgoings were in two almost equal halves; £509 being spent on the items, and £511.50 worth of fines as they only bought seven items of the ten (totaling £1,020.50[2]. Synergy's treat was a weekend in Paris and a trip to the Eurostar.

You're FiredEdit


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