Series Six, Week Four is the fourth episode of the sixth series of The Apprentice.


Selecting brand new ideas to sell at B&Q, Debenhams and the major online baby store.

Team changesEdit

Alex was moved to Apollo.

Team leadersEdit


Synergy made a total of £122,625.90 compared to Apollo's 'measly' £76,518.80 resulting in them being treated to a leading spa resort. The former results have consequently come under fire by conservative tabloid Daily Star (United Kingdom) as 'fake'[1]; Kiddicare have claimed their orders to be provisional, B&Q have claimed that their orders were "hypothetical" and Rowlands Home Hardware has revealed that "no actual transition took place. It's all make believe" and "when the lad came to fill out the order book, part of the order was 1,000 showerheads at £10 each. He turned to the girl with him and asked what ten times 1,000 was. And her answer was £1,000! So actually, they sold them to us for £1 each, which Alan Sugar didn’t pick up on[2]."


Melissa Cohen for not performing as she has stated she can perform and being described as a "loose cannon"[3]. Melissa had also been critised by Karren Brady[4].

You're Fired!Edit


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