Series Six, Week Five is the fifth episode of series six of The Apprentice. Lord Sugar asks the teams to select collections from two fashion designers and sell them from retail units at the Trafford Center.

Team changesEdit

Liz Locke is moved to Synergy and is made project manager and Stuart Baggs is moved to Apollo.


Lead by Liz Locke, the team quickly set up their store "The Collection". However, at opening time Liz is not ready resulting in a visit from the center manager moaning about the store failing to sharply open. Locke decides drastic measures are necessary decides to have Stella English sit in the window and try and attract customers in this way; this method is critised by Nick Hewer. "Behind me you can see Stella wearing a very short sequinned emerald green dress waving at people from a window. Amsterdam, maybe... but not in Manchester[1]."


Lead by Paloma Vivanco, the team sets up "One" and the team lead straight into problems; Jamie Lester and Stuart Baggs admit that "I just don't do fashion. My wife buys my clothes for me[2]" and "Fashion is the most boring thing in the whole world, it does absolutely nothing for me. The fact that you can sell £2 worth of cotton for £100-plus... that's like selling magic beans![2]" respectively, and team leader Paloma Vivanco clashes with Alex Epstein after he tries to re-arrange the shop layout yelling "Alex, I don't want to intellectualise layout! Let's concentrate on getting customers in.[3]" and later moans "Alex, I don't want to intellectualise layout! Let's concentrate on getting customers in.[3]". Stuart Baggs later observes "What she's done is highlighted the fact that you've made a mistake so she can blame you if anything goes wrong. So just be wary of that.[3]"


Synergy won with £3760.37 as an oppose to £3223.43 and as such were all treated to the Royal Windsor Racecourse.


Paloma Vivanco, primarily due to her "showing her true colors" at the end; had this not happened, it would have more than likely have been either Alex or Sandeesh.

You're Fired!Edit


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