Series Six, Week Eight is the eighth week of series six of The Apprentice. In this task, the candidates sell crisps to Germany.


Stella English is appointed as project manager. Stuart Baggs interprets this as a situation where he can't lose; "Just because I voted for her [to be project manager], that doesn't mean that she is the best person for the job, nor is she in fact a very good project manager. If we win then we'll all be on a treat and if we lose, Stella will be going home in a black cab. So really I can't lose in this task.[1]" Stella's diabolical management skills are showcased later on when Laura rants "[Not being able to earn any sales is] unbelievable! We've got order books so it is total bollocks! I just give up. That's it, seriously, I don't give a shit anymore. They're pieces of shit and they've left us with one shitty café. This is not how business works! We might win but in a way I hope we don't, because I don't think Stella deserves to win on this task. I think she has treated us outrageously.[2]" They sell beef, Stilton and paprika-flavoured crisps.


Chris Bates asks to be project manager as he feels that he has lost too many tasks and would rather have his fate in his own hands than in someone else's, perhaps diabolical, management.


Team Door to door sales Grand total
Apollo €135 €7,455 €11,737 €19,327
Synergy €68 €14,289 €3,638 €17,995


Chris Bates beings back Christopher Farrell and Jamie Lester

You're Fired!Edit


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