The Apprentice episode
Lee and Lucinda attemtping to advertise their Zonda.
Week Ten
Version: UK Series
Series: Series 4
Task: Select and rent out expensive cars
Project Managers: Lee (Alpha)
Michael (Rennaisance)
Team Changes: None
Fired: Michael
Airdate: May 27th 2008
Series Four Tasks:
  1. Selling fish
  2. Laundry service
  3. Running a restaurant
  4. Running a photography stand
  5. Create and sell new ice cream flavours
  6. Design a card for a new occasion
  7. Purchase items from a list in Marrakkech
  8. Choose and sell wedding dresses
  9. Create an advert for a new tissue brand
  10. Rent out luxury cars
  11. Interviews
  12. Create a new fragrance for men and host an advertising event

Week Ten was the final series four episode before the interviews and it featured the teams renting luxury cars to people in an attempt to make the most money. It originally aired on May 27th 2008.

The TaskEdit


The teams remained the same as last week, with Lee McQueen, Alex Wotherspoon and Lucinda Ledgerwood working together again. Lord Alan Sugar made Lee the project manager, and he was pleased to be working on this task due to his love of cars.

Lee chose the Pagani Zonda S and the Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster. The Zonda was £2750 for a day's rental which was a risk for Lee.

Following on from last week, Lee and Alex had already began causing problems with Lucinda. Alex tried to take one of her ideas, which subsequently angered her. As the day progressed, she made several mistakes, such as advertising the Aston Martin as the Zonda as well as misprouncing the latter. At one point Lucinda was reduced to tears.

Lee and Alex meanwhile managed to make a sale through negotiation on the Zonda, having lowered the price slightly in order to give it to someone to rent out. Alex made a number of deals subsequently, and when the three met up at Canary Wharf they secured a final deal mere seconds before the task ended.


The only team difference for Rennaisance from last week was the absence of Raef Bjayou who had been fired. Michael Sophocles was made team leader by Sir Alan after having asked two weeks prior (the week before Lord Alan had given this role to Raef as he had not been project manager since week two). Michael was working with Helene Speight and Claire Young. Michael was not pleased about the task as he has no interest in cars. Michael was already feeling the strain of the programme with him appearing very tired and lacking enthusiasm.

Michael chose the Spyker C8 and Ferrari F360 Spider. He chose poor locations to try and sell them, and visited several locations across London including Portobello Road. At one point he followed a man down the street to try and change his mind as well as attempt to join him in an interview in order to get him to change his mind.

Claire and Helene worked together, with the two having been told to do so by Michael so he could work alone in hopes of proving himself to Sir Alan.

The BoardroomEdit

Lucinda and Helene both came under criticism from their team leaders for not selling well. In the end, Renaissance took £2114, about £1900 of which was earned by Claire and the remainding £200 by Michael, with Helene not managing any sales at all. Alpha won the task handily, taking in £11815; Alex was the top overall salesman with just over £8000 in sales, Lee took in £3400, and Lucinda just £65. Alpha won the chance of wine tasting at the Mayfair hotel in London.

Due to only three candidates remaining on Rennaisance, all three came back into the boardroom. It was Michael's fourth consecutive bardroom appearance, and Claire's fifth overall. Sir Alan made it clear that Claire would not be getting fired due to her sales in the task, and when asked who she thought should be fired she said Helene.

Sir Alan questioned what Helene actually did, saying she has not made any major contribution. He also questions whether she should remain as she had come from a large firm which catered with business not in anyway linked to Sir Alan's. Helene defended herself claiming that she had made the move of leaving this job and coming to join the programme in order for her to change and learn from Sir Alan.

In the end Sir Alan decided Michael had been in the boardroom too many times and had done a poor job at sales, and subsequently fired him. Afterwards Sir Alan felt that Michael should have been fired before instead of the other candidates.

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