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Week Seven saw the teams sent on a business trip to Marrakech, tasked with buying a shopping list of ten items.

The Apprentice episode
Week Seven
Version: UK Series
Series: Series 4
Task: Purchase items from a list in Marrakech
Project Managers: Lee (Alpha)
Jennifer (Renaissance)
Team Changes: Sara moves to Alpha; Jennifer and Michael move to Renaissance.
Fired: Jenny
Airdate: May 7th 2008
Series Four Tasks:
  1. Selling fish
  2. Laundry service
  3. Running a restaurant
  4. Running a photography stand
  5. Create and sell new ice cream flavours
  6. Design a card for a new occasion
  7. Purchase items from a list in Marrakkech
  8. Choose and sell wedding dresses
  9. Create an advert for a new tissue brand
  10. Rent out luxury cars
  11. Interviews
  12. Create a new fragrance for men and host an advertising event

The Task[]


Lee decided to stay at the hotel for a while and research where to buy the items. He then split his team into two, sending Raef and Helene off by themselves, while he remained with Sara and Lucinda. The team wasted time searching for a green mosque alarm clock after rejecting the initial price they were offered by a store; in the end, they had to go back to their initial shop and pay the price they were initially offered (minus a small discount they negotiated). Raef and Helene went to a tannery on the edge of the city for a cowhide, and managed to obtain one for an extremely low price. The rest of the day generally went quite well for Alpha, though they ended up leaving a juicer until late in the day and were unable to find an open electrical store. Some locals heard about their search for the juicer and offered to sell them their second hand ones, and despite Lee having to pay as much as for a new juicer, Alpha obtained it.


Renaissance only did a minimal amount of research at the hotel, as Jennifer decided to take the team straight into Marrakech. She also split her team in two, taking Alex and Claire for herself, with Jenny and Michael in a separate team. Alex and Claire pretended to be a couple in order to buy a juicer, but this ploy met with little success and they only managed a barely significant discount on the juicer. Despite the lack of success here, Claire decided to keep up the idea of her and Alex being a couple, and interrupted his negotiations for a bedspread, pretending that she didn't want to walk around much longer and wanted to buy it there. Unfortunately this had the opposite effect of what was intended, and the seller instead assumed that Alex wouldn't want to disappoint his "girlfriend" and so got him to buy it there and then. The team then bought a white mosque alarm clock (instead of the green one they were supposed to buy), and a set of tagine cooking pots. Jennifer seemed pleased to have gotten such a good discount on them, but an irate Margaret revealed to the camera afterwards that what they had bought was in fact an unbranded replica of the tagines they were supposed to buy. On the other half of the team, Jenny and Michael managed to negotiate a good discount on a cow hide, then went looking for a kosher chicken. Unfortunately, neither of them knew what kosher actually was, and so ended up buying its Muslim equivalent, a halal chicken. They also happened to visit a sports store to obtain a tennis racquet at the same time as Lee's half of Alpha were doing so, and Jenny and Michael offered the store's employees a bribe if they would refuse to deal with Alpha; however, they would not take the bribe. As the task was drawing to an end, Jennifer's half of the team realized their alarm clock was the wrong colour, leading to a late dash to try and find the correct version.

The Boardroom[]

Still in Marrakech, Nick and Margaret informed the teams (and Sir Alan by telephone) that Alpha had spent £413.61 and Renaissance £449.60, which was then increased to £603.59 for purchasing two incorrect items (it was not revealed which specific two were wrong at this stage). On their return to the UK, Alpha were taken for a balloon tour of Leeds Castle in Kent as reward for their victory, while Renaissance went back to the boardroom for a showdown with Sir Alan.

While Renaissance's margin of loss was relatively small at £189.98, Sir Alan nonetheless made it clear that he considered this one of the worst defeats in the history of the programme owing to the complete lack of organization shown by Renaissance, and at one point threatened the whole team with being fired. He identified three major mistakes, namely Claire interrupting Alex's negotiation over the cowhide, and the purchases of the unbranded tagines and the halal chicken that they had bought instead of the kosher chicken. Sir Alan picked up on the latter, and asked why Jenny didn't know about this considering that she was the most experienced of the candidates, and why Michael made such a huge error considering that on his application he had claimed to be "a good Jewish boy." Michael tried to take some credit for negotiating the deal over the cowhide, but Jenny claimed that it had been a joint effort between them, and Sir Alan pointed out that Alpha had in fact paid a third of the price that Renaissance had done anyway.

Jenny then turned on Michael and claimed that he had told her that they were buying kosher meat, and that she had been relying on his Jewish background to know what to buy. Michael angrily accused Jenny of lying, and Sir Alan pointed out that she had just contradicted what she said earlier - namely that she didn't know of any connection between kosher and Judaism. Margaret then bought up the issue of their attempt to bribe the sports store, which Jenny admitted to doing, and claimed was a legitimate tactic. Sir Alan commented that he would normally ask the team leader to bring two people back into the boardroom, but told the team that they would all be coming back on this occasion, and to go outside and discuss what had been said. Sir Alan discussed Jenny's history of dishonest behaviour with Nick and Margaret, while the other three members of Renaissance angrily questioned Jenny and Michael about their bribery attempt.

After returning to the boardroom, Jenny changed her story again, claiming that Michael had told her to ask for halal meat and that they should be looking for someone to pray to Allah over it. Sir Alan branded her dishonest, accused her of twisting his words and turning it on her team members, and then abruptly fired her. After Jenny exited though, Sir Alan revealed that he wasn't finished yet, and that someone else was going to get fired. He asked Alex to speak up for what had happened when they were buying the bedspread, and Alex claimed that he would have been able to get a much better discount if not for Claire's interruption. This was good enough to convince Sir Alan to let Alex go back to the house, and Jennifer, Michael and Claire were sent outside while he had a second discussion with Nick and Margaret.

As the final boardroom session started, Jennifer attacked both Michael for his role in the attempted bribery and Claire for her interruption of Alex's negotiation. However, this left Sir Alan unimpressed by what he saw as her desperate defending of herself. He also questioned Michael on his role in the attempted bribery, and accused Claire of lacking self control. In the end, Sir Alan accepted that despite Michael's actions in the sports store, Jenny had been the instigator of the bribery attempt, and that sometimes young businesspeople can be over-enthusiastic. He then turned to Claire and told her that the money they lost resulting from her interrupting the bedspread negotiation could have caused the team to lose the task. However, he added the real reason why they lost the task was the fines they picked up and the general lack of control over the team, which he put down to Jennifer's poor leadership. Sir Alan deemed her ultimately responsible for the task's failure, and fired her.