The Apprentice candidate
Sara Dhada
Sara Dhada
Version: UK Series
Series: Series 4
Fired: Week 8
Age: 25
Home Town: Leicester
Profession: {{{job}}}
Qualifications: BA (Hons) Law and Economics, University of Leicester. Qualified in law
Name Fired
Lee McQueen Winner
Claire Young Week 12
Helene Speight Week 12
Alex Wotherspoon Week 12
Lucinda Ledgerwood Week 11
Michael Sophocles Week 10
Raef Bjayou Week 9
Sara Dhada Week 8
Jennifer Maguire Week 7
Jenny Celerier Week 7
Kevin Shaw Week 6
Lindi Mngaza Week 5
Simon Smith Week 4
Ian Stringer Week 3
Shazia Wahab Week 2
Nicholas de Lacy-Brown Week 1

Sara Dhada was a candidate on the fourth series of the UK edition of The Apprentice. Sara was fired in week eight.


The ApprenticeEdit

The girls' team which was named "Alpha". The first task was selling fish. Claire Young was project manager, and the team went on to win.

In the second week the teams had to start and run a laundry business in attempts to make the most money. This time the girls were lead by Jenny Celerier and lost due to fines for a number of lost items which were lost during the rush to finish the workload. Sara was not brought back into the boardroom, and Shazia Wahab was fired.

Sara was project manager for week three when the teams had to run a restaurant with a themed night. Despite opposition from Claire, Sara went with a Bollywood theme. Alpha also managed to get their printing arranged for free whereas Rennaisance lead by Ian Stringer paid £1 for every flier they printed. The lunch service was cancelled due to a delay in food, but tickets were charged at £5 for dinner service, and thanks to this and good choice of food in terms of price they managed to make more profit than Rennaisance. Rennaisance made more money, but their cost had overrun so their profit was less. Alpha made £604.27.

The fourth week saw Lord Alan Sugar make his first changes in the team line up. Sara, Jenny and Claire moved to Rennaisance, and from Rennaisance, Raef Bjayou, Lee McQueen and Kevin Shaw joined Alpha. The task was a photography challenge which would involve running a business based on photography at a stand in Bluewater Shopping Centre. Rennaisance were lead by Simon Smith who lost the task due to lack of communication and Simon brought Claire and Alex Wotherspoon back into the boardroom. Simon was fired.

Week five saw Kevin being moved to Rennaisance once again. Claire was project manager for Alpha after Sir Alan told her she would be in the boardroom the week before. The task was creating two new flavours of ice cream and trying to sell it to as many companies as possible. Rennaisance chose "Very Berry" and "Cider & Elderflower" as their flavours, and they managed to win despite having lost a deal from a chain of cinemas to Alpha. A designer restaurant made a large purchase at the last minute which secured winning with a total of £1455.45 in opposition to Alpha's £1273.64.

For the sixth week, the only change made between teams was Michael Sophocles joining Alpha. The task was to design a card for a new occasion, and for this task Kevin lead Rennaisance. Sara recommended they make cards for Eid due to the shortage of cards for the occasion. Sara's ideas were not took on board and Kevin opted for Jenny's "save your planet" idea. The task was lost due to the occasion not being appealing and the irony that was the card was printed using material took from trees which Sir Alan also pointed out. Kevin brought Sara and Claire back into the boardroom, Sara for not contributing to the task. Sara defended herself mentioning her Eid idea, and Sir Alan fired Kevin for poor his management and sales pitch as well as not bringing Jenny back. When Sara got back to the house, Michael began a heated arguement claiming the wrong decision was made by firing Kevin. Lee then asked Sara what she actually did and that she should be fired if not participating. Jenny then said Sara was trying to hide away during the task which Jennifer Maguire agreed with. Alex also began to question her, but at this point Raef stepped in and told everyone Sir Alan had made his decision, they should not fire questions at Sara. The argument continued off-screen.


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