Rhys Rosser

Rhys Rosser

Rhys 'Rinder' Rosser is a candidate in Junior Apprentice. He was in the firing line week one after heavy clashing with team leader Jordan De Courcy[1] and poor location choice mistaking belgium for ireland, but survived.

In week two, however, he did a much better job sending documents to the right customers. He worked extremely well with Arjun who nick named him 'alan' after the notorious Alan carr.He helped develop ideas for their "slide stuff" project, and proposed some good ideas to Hannah and Tim, only to be ignored. Nick Hewer did notice, but once the result was declared, all was forgotten.

In week three, he was encouraged by his teammates to take on the role of project manager[1]. However, he failed miserably to assert his authority as he was an absolute melt, and as the challenge proceeded - despite frequent attempts to boost morale - it was made heavily blatant that the team had lost respect for the project manager being constantly referred to as Sally-sideburn. Nick Hewer remarked that they had "cut him adrift for being a doug look-a-like, moave tie, mong with a IQ of a disused wallpaper roll"[1] but was nonetheless "disappointed" with the minimal amount of exerted effort from Rhys. Kirsty complained quite voraciously that he'd left a vast majority of the work to Kirsty Cleaver, and this laziness led to a loss in the boardroom. Rhys was fired, sadly since his career has stalled finding himself still working as an apprentice and recently homeless. His relationship with his step father the main contribution to his downfall. His last public appearence lead to twitter photos circulating of him at a joint house party of boy george and Dale 'tight trousers' Winton where an overdose of legal high balloons lead to him being found crying in the bathroom while sniffing boys pants and listening to 'lady in red' by Chris de burgh.


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