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Nicholas de Lacy-Brown.jpg
Nicholas de Lacy-Brown
Version: UK Series
Series: Series 4
Fired: Week 1
Age: 23
Home Town: Shoreham-by-Sea
Profession: Barrister, Artist and Property Developer
Qualifications: LLB Law degree from Kings College London, Bar exams
Name Fired
Lee McQueen Winner
Claire Young Week 12
Helene Speight Week 12
Alex Wotherspoon Week 12
Lucinda Ledgerwood Week 11
Michael Sophocles Week 10
Raef Bjayou Week 9
Sara Dhada Week 8
Jennifer Maguire Week 7
Jenny Celerier Week 7
Kevin Shaw Week 6
Lindi Mngaza Week 5
Simon Smith Week 4
Ian Stringer Week 3
Shazia Wahab Week 2
Nicholas de Lacy-Brown Week 1

Nicholas de Lacy-Brown was a candidate on the fourth series of the UK edition of The Apprentice. He was fired in week one.


Born Nicholas Brown he was raised in Shoreham-by-Sea on the south coast, and was an avid painter from an early age. By 13 he had painted a scene from each of the 37 plays by William Shakespeare.[1]

In his GCSEs he got straight As apart from French where he got a B, he said he has felt ashamed of this ever since. Lord Alan Sugar made reference to this when he fired Nicholas.

He added 'de Lacy' in homage to his grandmother who wanted the name to continue down the male side.

As his education continued he became more academic and joined the Kings College in London where he obtained his LLB Law degree. He achieved the highest First Class degree in his year and won two academic prizes. In his Masters Degree he won the prize for the best dissertation and came top of the year. He became a barrister, having a achieved an Outstanding on the Bar Course, and property developer, and took his hobby of art further when he became an artist and began exhibitions, the most recent of which in Mayfair was hugely successful[1].

The Apprentice[]

Nicholas was the second youngest candidate, and this eventually lead to his downfall. Nicholas was on the boys' team Rennaisance, and the first task given was to sell fish. Alex Wotherspoon offered to be team leader, and when the task began Nicholas was put in charge of labelling items. He soon began to make mistakes, and complained that he had too much to do. Despite this, Alex did not change the way people were set out. When Nicholas went to look at the girls' team Alpha headed by Claire Young he saw the lobster prices were much higher on Alpha's team. Nicholas reported back to the annoyance of Alex and Raef Bjayou suggested they just get on with the task. In the end, the boys lost, and Alex brought both Nicholas and Raef back into the boardroom. Nicholas said he did not feel he could work with everyone on the team, and Lord Alan Sugar criticized this deeming him unable to work with people not as highly educated as him. Raef also noted a definite divide in the team. Alex blamed Nicholas for the pricing and in the end Sir Alan fired Nicholas, due to him being out of his depth.


After leaving The Apprentice he had a number of interviews and starred in the first episode of the third series of The Apprentice: You're Fired!, in this one of his artworks were featured. This piece was called "Nicholas in the Rennaisance" in reference to his team Rennaisance.

Nicholas was also reported saying that he could do better in business than Sir Alan, and believing that Sir Alan is surrounded by "artificial hype".[2]

In May 2008, Nicholas was involved in an accident where he was injured by a brick wall which was hit by a car. The bricks fell on him, causing him serious and permanent damage to his leg. He was in hospital for over a month and will never walk properly again. This also caused him to be unavailable for filming of the final You're Fired! as well as the subsequent You're Hired! programmes.[3]

Nicholas is due to start work at one of the most prestigious barristers' chambers in London in October 2008.