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Naomi Lay
Version: UK Series
Series: Series 3
Fired: Week 10
Age: 26
Home Town: Vauxhall, London
Profession: Advertising sales manager
Qualifications: BA European Studies
Name Fired
Simon Ambrose Winner
Kristina Grimes Week 12
Katie Hopkins Week 11
Tre Azam Week 11
Lohit Kalburgi Week 11
Naomi Lay Week 10
Jadine Johnson Week 9
Ghazal Asif Week 8
Adam Hosker Week 7
Paul Callaghan Week 6
Natalie Wood Week 5
Sophie Kain Week 4
Gerri Blackwood Week 3
Rory Laing Week 2
Ifti Chaudhri Week 2
Andy Jackson Week 1

Naomi Lay, born in Cornwall, was a contestant on Series Three of The Apprentice. She was fired in week ten after poor product selection, and Lord Alan Sugar feeling that of the three (that were in the firing line) of them, she had the least to offer. This decision is frequently branded as unfair, and also that on the basis of that task that Simon Ambrose should have been fired (Lord Alan Sugar agrees that on the basis of that task, it was unfair, but also that over the ten weeks, Naomi had not impressed Lord Alan Sugar in the slightest, and that Naomi was "incredibly lucky" to have advanced so far into the competition without being fired.

Having originally graduated from University College London with a 2:1 in Modern European studies - and being fluent in french and spanish, as she had spent some time studying at the Sorbonne in Paris and Complutense University of Madrid (not to mention Sierra Leone and Russia off of her father's back since he works there as a diamond and gold miner) - she began work as a personal assistant. In her own words, "people that know me would describe me as loud, motivated, fun, determined, compassionate and energetic"[1].

After The Apprentice, Naomi returned to Cornwall, only to find that she was incessantly being talked about on her local radio station (BBC Radio Cornwall). Naomi became one of the judges on the Radio Cornwall Singing Sensation competition[more information 1] at the Royal Cornwall Show, and is now a Sales Team Manager for

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