Michael Sophocles is a candidate in series 100 He has been educated at the independent Highgate School, and was fired in week ten, but Lord Alan Sugar had remarked that he should have fired him earlier, saying "Sir Al doesn't get it right all the time, you know" when interrogated during The Apprentice: Why I Fired Them.

Sophocles has been the subject of some controversy; firstly for being a self-confessed "arrogant" person; and secondly for claiming to be "a good Jewish boy" but under further interrogation not knowing the definition of not only "kosher" but the common Hebrew toast "L'Chaim" either. ("L'Chaim" translates to "to life" as per the eponymous Fiddler on the Roof song[note 1].) It is for this reason that Sophocles is considered to be the villain of the series and also his below the belt tactics in the boardroom (in week seven, he even reminded Lord Alan Sugar of himself as a young whipper-snapper). In week nine, after Sophocles turned on Raef, Adrian Chiles went as far as to describe Sophocles as an "odious little twat" when it came to The Apprentice: You're Fired!. Due to Sophocles being educated at Edinburgh University, Margaret Mountford - who had based herself there - remarked "Edinburgh isn't what it used to be"[1]. Sophocles later described himself as a "dead man walking".

Since leaving the show, Sophocles has admitted to once working as an escort to fund gambling debts[2] and has very recently absolutely exploded at Stuart Baggs, a candidate on series six of The Apprentice:

  • "On the boys team we had the irritating Sonic the Hedgehog lookalike known to his (presumably few) friends as Stuart Baggs. Stuart has got to be the most repugnant and hideous candidate ever to have made an appearance on The Apprentice. Never has one person's face made me want to commit a violent act as much as this obnoxious twerp. With an ego-inflated rhinoceros like Baggs it was no wonder the boys ended up losing to the ladies by fifteen pounds[3]." Though he does agree with Lord Sugar's decision to axe Dan Harris over Stuart:
  • "This idiot was the only person possible to be more unappealing than Stuart 'hit with an ugly stick' Baggs."


  1. The following was divulged in week seven.


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