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"I'd liken myself to a Lamborghini - fast, exciting, stylish and successful"[1][2]

Liz Locke, 24, was a candidate on series six of The Apprentice. She claims to be "ambitious, energetic and loyal"[1]. The three Fs fashion, food and fitness are of paramount vitality to the lifestyle of this former trader who currently works as an investment banker[1][2] and enjoys gym sessions, running, badminton and tennis[2]. She originates from Lancashire.

Since airing of the show it has been revealed that Liz is in a relationship with Wayne Henderson, a goalkeeper for the Republic of Ireland[3].

Liz has currently beaten the Apprentice record (as set by Tim Ankers and Kirsty Cleaver of Junior Apprentice) of the highest amount of profit made persuading Kiddicare to invest £99,000 in the product[4]. These results have consequently come under fire by controversial tabloid Daily Star (United Kingdom) as 'fake'[5]; Kiddicare have claimed their orders to be provisional, B&Q have claimed that their orders were "hypothetical" and Rowlands Home Hardware has revealed that "no actual transition took place. It's all make believe" and "when the lad came to fill out the order book, part of the order was 1,000 showerheads at £10 each. He turned to the girl with him and asked what ten times 1,000 was. And her answer was £1,000! So actually, they sold them to us for £1 each, which Alan Sugar didn’t pick up on[6]."

After being fired, Melissa Cohen cited Liz as a "really sweet girl"[7]. Debra Barr does not agree with this; she says "I don't understand Liz Locke. I don't like to criticise someone I haven't met, but parading around in her underwear on TV. I mean, we know that there is a camera in front of you. What's your reason to do that?[8]"

She was fired over Stuart Baggs who made a speech to Lord Sugar in the boardroom pleading to stay. In which he did, in the next week when Baggs was fired. Lord Sugar was then angry in the next week over Liz's opportunity being wasted.

Weekly Stats[]

  • Week 1: Win
  • Week 2: Loss
  • Week 3: Loss
  • Week 4: Win
  • Week 5: Win (PM)
  • Week 6: Win
  • Week 7: Loss (Boardroom)
  • Week 8: Loss
  • Week 9: Loss (PM)
  • Week 10: Fired

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