Lee McQueen is a candidate and the winner of Series Four.

Early lifeEdit

Lee McQueen was born in Perivale, London in 1980 as the son of a milkman. His education was at Queensmead School in South Ruislip, and upon departure studied at Thames Valley University for four months[note 1] and bought a house for himself at just 18 and then another house for his mother.

His premier job was a Catering Manager at the prestigious independent Harrow School.

The ApprenticeEdit

During his time at The Apprentice, Lee has been one of the more notable contenders. He frequently splutters the phrase "That's what I'm talking about!", and as a method of attention seeking, will perform one of his "reverse pterodactyl" impressions. However, this method of attention seeking ultimately failed him miserably when he performed it in front of Paul Kemsley - one of Lord Alan Sugar's interviewers - and it went down diabolically (not least since it was succeeded by the fact that he'd lied on his CV[note 1]). In addition, he aggressively berated fellow contestant Sara Dhada for her alleged lack of input in Week Six despite the fact that he wasn't even part of her team.

McQueen went on to work for Sugar's company AMSHOLD, developing digital display advertising. On the first day of work, however, he phoned in sick[1].


Today, Lee lives in a £500,000 house with his girlfriend Nicola Jellyman. The couple have been together for nine years. McQueen has recently quit the job at Amscreen - leaving series five winner Yasmina Siadatan the only mainstream winner still working with Lord Alan Sugar - stating "Having gained a huge amount of experience in my role at Amscreen, I felt now was the right time to start up on my own[2]". Lord Alan Sugar has added to this "Lee has made an important contribution to Amscreen and we wish him the best[2]".

Very recently, McQueen has knocked the performance of the male candidates on series six, predicting a female winner[3].


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