Kirsty Cleaver

Kirsty Cleaver

Kirsty Cleaver is a candidate in Junior Apprentice.

In week one, Kirsty demonstrated a knack for forward planning with her insistence that the team plan ahead[1] and price all of their cheese in advance[1] - a consensus that proved to be one of the keys to the teams success[1] - and also for market trading, impressing customers with her informed sales pitch[1].

In week two, Kirsty suggested a collapsible storage unit. Unfortunately, her suggestion ended up eclipsed by Hibah's idea of a games unit; in an effort to please everyone, he merged the two suggestions[1]. Kirsty's idea, however, was made out of cardboard as per a suggestion from Emma despite Kirsty voicing her reservations[1]; and as a result, went on to lose the task[1].

In week three, Kirsty played an important role during the market research with Rhys appearing unsure of what to do[1]. As the task progressed Kirsty continued to be the most dominant of the pair and later admitted to feeling annoyed at the lack of input exerted by Rhys[1]. Upon the divulging of the team's loss, Kirsty escaped an invitation.

From the preceding task it was divulged that Kirsty could work well on her own initiative. However, in week four, her sales skills weren't up to scratch. Her abrupt sales skills were not to liking of everyone in the art world, resulting in her loss of Tom Lewis, the artist that both Instinct and Revolution had pitched for. She appeared to be considerably more comfortable assembling the exhibition than actually participating in it[1] and lost the task. She managed to fight for her place and return to the house.

By now, Kirsty had been in the losing team for the preceding three weeks consecutively. At this point, you can imagine she was getting quite ticked off, and quickly showed that she was keen to be project manager[1]. And in week five; that's exactly what she did.

Having arrived in Amsterdam, Kirsty quickly fathomed out that she was in a strong position; as both her and Tim share the same business style[1]. Unfortunately, the team quickly ran into problems as Instinct and Revolution had selected the same products and Revolution was not about to budge. At this point, she decided to opt for the high-end products; in doing so she was walking on glass as the products she had selected wasn't compatible with the stores selected by Lord Alan Sugar. Fortunately, in doing so, this appeared to be one of the greatest gambles in The Apprentice history; as not only did she win, but she also stormed through to the final with profits of £39,785.09[2].

In week six, Kirsty was paired with Zoe and ex-candidates Hibah, Hannah and Jordan[3] and given the task of erecting a new brand of bottled water[1]. Kirsty quickly decided it was a good idea to target teenagers, and helped create the television advertising campaign and solitarily directed the shoot. Alongside Zoe, Kirsty helped put together a fantastic pitch that instantly impressed the professionals. Even Lord Alan Sugar was impressed. However, he also remarked that they had mis-targeted their market, and consequently failed them the task. Kirsty still left the process "with her head held high"[1].


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