Junior Apprentice, Week Two was the second week of Junior Apprentice. This week saw the candidates inventing a new camping product and pitching it to the retailers Argos, Millets and Marshmallow.

Team chancesEdit

Team leaders Hannah Cherry and Adam Eliaz were "flipped over".


Led by "designed and inventor" Hannah Cherry[1], they came up with the strong idea of "slide stuff", a skateboard used as transport for camping gear aimed at festival-goers as suggested by Tim[2]. However, Nick Hewer noticed that Hannah and Tim were too quick to brush off the suggestions of Arjun and Rhys and plough ahead regardless[1][3][4]. However, while Rhys did not have a chance to shine, Arjun did; you see, he was meant to pitch their "slide stuff" alongside Tim, who ducked out of the pitching despite the fact that the product was his idea, leaving the pressure on him[2][4], who stepped up the challenge and used his quick thinking and straight-talking to secure his team's orders for their product[4].


Led by Adam Eliaz - who seemed the natural choice for being the project manager as he had experience in selling camping equipment[5] - the team wasn't really under much control, because even though there were very few ideas circulating amonst the team[6], the stronger personalities weren't kept under control. With Hibah keen to promote her idea of a portable games board and quick to dismiss others[6] leading to several heated encounters with project manager Adam[6], and Kirsty suggesting a collapsible storage unit[7], Adam eventually agreed to fuse the ideas together to erect "Flex 'n' Store"[7], a fusion of both Kirsty's storage unit and Hibah's games board; while it supposedly pleased everyone, it lacked a clear purpose[5] and in actual fact unimpressed both Hibah and Zoe[8]. In order to make their product lightweight and flexible, Emma suggested that the storage/games unit would be made out of cardboard, albeit "sturdy" cardboard[9]. When Kirsty voiced her reservations, the rest of the team ignored her, and went on regardless[7].


Team Argos Millets Marshmallow Outcome
Instinct 0 100 3000 Won
Revolution 0 0 0 Lost

Adam brought back Hibah, for constant debating with him, and Zoe for a lack of design ideas during the design stage. However, in Nick Hewer's opinion, Emma should have been brought back because of her suggestion that the product be made out of cardboard, and got away "scot free"[9].


Hibah as Lord Alan Sugar felt that her personality was not suited for the world of business.


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