Junior Apprentice, Week Three is the third week of Junior Apprentice and is the week to feature a double-firing. This week features the candidates selling cupcakes at Selfridges.

Team changesEdit

Arjun and Kirsty "flipped over".


Led by Rhys Rosser, the team went on to generate fashion-themed cupcakes[1] as suggested by Tim Ankers. The team had little faith in Rhys, because even though he had been encouraged to take on the role of project manager by his teammates, from the outset of the task he struggled to assert his authority, and frequently took a backseat during several of the various stages[2], leaving Tim to be the most vocal throughout the brainstorm[1] and Kirsty to take over the market researching, leaving her frustrated[3]. Their faith in Rhys deteriorated throughout the task[4][1] and in Nick Hewer's words "cut him adrift". In the final hour of the task, Hannah generated a new sales strategy to rid themselves of the last of their cupcakes[4].


Led by avid baker Zoe[5], the team initially worked well under her watch and came up with a theme of "I ♥ <name>"[6] and branding quickly[5]. They were one candidate less, because from the very start of the day, Adam admitted to feeling under the weather[7]. Paired with the positive force Emma, he quickly got back into things. Arjun also played a vital role for his team, ensuring the team didn't over order the amount of cupcake bases when Emma and Adam were adamant that more were necessary[8], a mistake that Emma was quick to hold her hands up to in the boardroom[6]. (They eventually ordered 350 as an oppose to the 800 demanded by Emma and Adam.) Project manager Zoe took control of the market research, but missed a trick in choosing not to raise the price of the team's personalised cupcakes. This mistake was highlighted by Lord Alan Sugar in the boardroom.


Revolution won with a small profit of £15.15, and Instinct lost with another loss of £89.74.


Even before the results were declared, Lord Alan Sugar fired Adam after describing the task as "business as usual", and sent him home[7]. After the results were declared, Lord Alan Sugar fired Rhys because despite being "a very special person", he felt that this was too early for him to be doing at his age.

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