Junior Apprentice, Week Six is the sixth and final week of Junior Apprentice. This week, Tim and Arjun are squared up against Kirsty and Zoe as they erect an idea for a new brand of bottled water and it's pertaining advertising and pitch it to a congregation of professionals[1]. The idea of Instinct and Revolution was thrown out of the window for this week.


Led by Kirsty and Zoe, and assisted by Hannah Cherry, Hibah Ansary and Jordan De Courcy[note 1][2], the team - after heavy deliberation as Kirsty suggested "Hydr8"[2] - produced an idea called "Drip Drop", an idea which they used to target the teenage market[2].


Led by Tim and Arjun, and assisted by Adam Eliaz, Emma Walker[note 1] and Rhys Rosser[2], they produce an idea called "A Bottle of Water" as suggested by Tim[2], an idea which they use to target people in their twenties[2].


Lord Alan Sugar decided that Tim and Arjun won and Zoe and Kirsty lost.


Arjun, as Lord Alan Sugar felt that he had natural business flair and intelligence that only some people are born with[3].


  1. 1.0 1.1 It is worth noting that after Kirsty and Zoe chose Hibah, Lord Alan Sugar remarks "this is turning into a real girls and boys thing". This statement provokes Tim and Arjun into choosing Emma, leaving Kirsty and Zoe with Jordan De Courcy.


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