Junior Apprentice, Week One is the first week of Junior Apprentice. This week, the candidates were selling £500 worth of cheese.


Led by Jordan De Courcy, they pitched in Whitecross Street Market as suggested by Rhys[1]. They quickly lost control, because Rhys and Jordan had regular clashes[1], especially with Jordan's idea of a "cheese of the day". Jordan, Adam and Arjun took to the streets to sell their cheese[2], with Tim's idea of a "credit crunch lunch"[3] - an idea that proved popular with the punters[3] - but when they ran out, Tim was unable to make any more due to beligerance from the wind, describing the wind as "his least favorite weather type"[3].


Led by Hibah Ansary, they pitched in Covent Garden. Kirsty insisted that the girls should be prepared, and ensured that all of the cheese was priced before they took to the market. However, when they did actually visit the market, conflict broke out between Hibah and Zoe[4], because her "commanding presence"[5] led to the other girls questioning her ability to work in a team[5], and despite support from Emma[4], Hibah felt that Zoe's contributions were outshining her own[6].


Revolution won with a tasty profit of £143.88, and Instinct won with a loss of £210.01.


Jordan De Courcy because Lord Alan Sugar felt that he "couldn't control" his team.


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