Junior Apprentice, Week Four is the fourth week of Junior Apprentice. The task involves selecting an artist to represent, and selling their paintings at an exhibition.


Led by Tim Ankers, he quickly went off with Hannah Cherry, left Kirsty on her own, and the two sub-teams went off to interrogate their artists. Tim and Hannah had a good interview, but Kirsty Cleaver's interviews were, in the words of Nick Hewer, "little short of insulting". They chose Sarah-Kate Wilson and Tom Lewis, but Revolution also selected Tom Lewis, and bagged him; instead, Instinct chose Andy Taylor-Smith as their backup.

When it came to the following day, however, this team flummoxed. They were nowhere near ready at the supposed time of opening, and didn't seem particularly worried. However, they started to worry when they weren't selling anything, and Tim called the bar-owner in; with seconds to spare, the bar-owner buys a thousand pounds worth of art.


Led by Emma Walker, she went off with Arjun, and left Zoe on her own. Due to having an artistic background, Zoe was able to use her background to her advantage, and was able to give a very confident pitch, snatching Tom Lewis from underneath the nose of Instinct. However, against the dictation of Emma, she failed to negotiate on pricing. They also chose Mark Melvin.

The next day, the made a fundamental error; they left a definite price there, leaving little room for negotiation. However, while Zoe filled up the room, Arjun's quiet determination also paid off.


Revolution won having sold twelve pieces of art for £6,005, and Instinct lost having sold five pieces of art for £2,247.07. It was remarked by Karren that Arjun had sold one piece of art for £2,850, an amount of money that would have eclipsed all five of Instinct's five pieces of art; and also that Instinct's failure was the loss of Tom Lewis (eleven pieces of Revolution's art sold were from Tom Lewis - only one of them wasn't).


Hannah, for having a lack of practical knowledge.

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