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Junior Apprentice is a spin-off of The Apprentice. Instead of the usual experienced bunch, this spin-off involves ten 16 to 17 year olds chosen amongst twenty eight thousand, and takes part across six weeks.

The boardroom is exactly the same. However, because Margaret Mountford is taking a university course, Karren Brady will be taking her place.

Candidate Age Nationality Week One Week Two Week Three Week Four Week Five Week Six
Jordan De Courcy 16[1][2] Irish[1][2] Team leader - lost, and was fired[3]
Hibah Ansary 16[1][4] English[1][4] Team leader - won Fired[5]
Adam Eliaz 17[1][6] English[1][6] Lost Team leader - lost[5] Was sent home due to ill health[7]
Rhys Rosser 17[1][8] Welsh[1][8] In the firing line[3] Won Team leader - lost, and was fired[7]
Hannah Cherry 17[1][9] English[1][9] Won Team leader - won In the firing line[7] Fired[10][11]
Emma Walker 16[1][12] English[1][12] Won Lost Won Team leader Fired[13]
Zoe Plummer 16[1][14] English[1][14] Won In the firing line[5] Team leader - won Won In the firing line[13] Fired[15]
Kirsty Cleaver 17[1][16] Scottish[1][16] Won Lost Lost In the firing line[10] Team leader - Won[13] Fired[15]
Tim Ankers 17[1][17] English[1][17] In the firing line[3] Won In the firing line[7] Team leader - lost[10] Won[13] Runner-up[15]
Arjun Rajyagor 17[1][18] English[1][18] Lost Won Won Won Team leader - lost[13] Hired[15]
Blue background with yellow text indicates that that member was part of Instinct, and red background means part of Revolution. Cyan (light blue)/pink means that color means that candidate was in the firing line that week.

If a candidate is in black background spanning the rest of that row, that candidate was fired. The word "fired" - or "Team leader - fired" if that candidate was the team leader that week as well as being fired - will be in extra large font. If this is in white text, that candidate was part of Revolution when that candidate was fired; and if that candidate was part of Instinct, that candidate will be in yellow text.

Also, a darker color than usual (dark blue or dark red) indicates that that candidate was fired under unusual circumstances. These circumstances will be provided in the box. The color scheme for the text will remain uniform to that as if that candidate had been fired normally.

The hired candidate will be in standard colors; that is to say, white background and black text.


Jordan De Courcy[]

Jordan De Courcy

Jordan De Courcy is the first candidate. Born in Co. Wicklow, Ireland[2][1], he set up his first business when he was just twelve, and now runs a juice bar in Dublin[2]. He enjoys graphic design, website promotion, cooking and adding to his business portfolio[2]. At the time of Junior Apprentice, he was studying for the leaving certificate in Maths, Irish, English, French, Business Studies, Economics and Geography[2] and was 16[2].

Since leaving Junior Apprentice, he has been working on a natural skincare range[2][3], and he has since claimed "give it five years and I can be just as successful if not more successful than Lord Sugar[3]".

Hibah Ansary[]

Hibah Ansary

Hibah Ansary is the second candidate. Born in Manchester[4][1], she believes that entrepreneurialism is in her blood[4], and that "only someone with [her] stamina and [her] determination will make it[4]". She is an advanced violinist[4], and a self-confessed "girly-girl"[4] who is "confident and articulate"[4] but doesn't take life too seriously[4]. At the time of Junior Apprentice, she was working in her father's business[4] and was studying for her AS levels in Mathematics, Biology, Latin and Chemistry[4]. At the time of Junior Apprentice, she was 16[4].

Adam Eliaz[]

Adam Eliaz

Adam Eliaz is the third candidate. Born in London[6][1], he left school at sixteen[6] with eight GCSEs[6] to run his own online company that sells camping and fishing equipment[6]. By his own admission, he is argumentative[6]; but he isn't afraid of hard work[6]. At the time of Junior Apprentice, he was seventeen[6].

Rhys Rosser[]

Rhys Rosser

Rhys Rosser is the forth candidate. Born in Wales[8], he believes that "[he's] not a businessboy, [he's] a businessman"[8] and that the customer isn't always right[8]. He also thinks that the factor of business of the most paramount vitality is to know what you're doing[8]. His spare time is spent working in his parents' hotel[8]. At the time of Junior Apprentice, he was seventeen[8], had A levels in History and Physics, and was studying for A levels in English, Business and French[8].

Hannah Cherry[]

Hannah Cherry

Hannah Cherry is the fifth candidate. Born in Bedfordshire[9], she admits to being competitive with an adaptable and flexible approach to work[9]. She cites herself as "driven and determined to be a success[9]". At the time of Junior Apprentice, she was 17[9] and had an advanced apprenticeship in information and technology services and development - which would mean she would also have had a multitude of qualifications as part and parcel of the course[9] - and 100% in her business AS level[9].

Emma Walker[]

Emma Walker

Emma Walker is the sixth candidate. Born in Cheshire[12], she believes that "if you make your own bed, you should lie in it"[12] and that never giving up and hard work is the key to achieving success[12]. She has stated that "[she's] going to work hard to achieve my goals"[12]. Before Junior Apprentice, she sold eggs and sweets to make money[12]; at the time of Junior Apprentice, she was sixteen[12], and was studying for her AS levels in Maths, Business Studies, Economices, Politics and Biology[12].

Zoe Plummer[]

Zoe Plummer

Zoe Plummer is the eighth candidate. Born in London[14], she describes herself as "quite a charismatic, vivacious persion[14]" and isn't afraid to speak her mind[14]. She is an advanced open water scuba diver[14] and spends her free time selling vintage clothes from a stall in London[14] which she has now taken to an online level with her sister Rebecca[19]. At the time of Junior Apprentice, she was sixteen and was studying for her AS levels in English, French, German, Drama and Art[14].

Kirsty Cleaver[]

Zoe Plummer

Kirsty Cleaver is the seventh candidate. Born in Scotland[16], she is a self-confessed sports fanatic with an interest in "pretty much any sport"[16] and the belief that "you have to work hard to succeed[16]". Before Junior Apprentice, she worked as a waitress in her parents' restaurant where she served breakfast before school. She still works there, but is considerably involved in the running of the business. At the time of Junior Apprentice, she was seventeen[16] and had qualifications in higher modern studies, higher drama, and higher business management[16].

Tim Ankers[]

Tim Ankers

Tim Ankers is the ninth candidate. Born in Lancashire, his motto is to "be friendly to everyone, take nothing to heart[17]" and his belief is that the most important thing in business is good common sense[17]. His first job was as a stable boy for his neighbors[17] and even today - despite not coming from a farming background[17] - earns money from farm work and gardening when he isn't studying[17]. At the time of Junior Apprentice, he was seventeen[17] and was studying for his A levels in Politics, History, Economics and General Studies[17].

Arjun Rajyagor[]

Arjun Rajyagor

Arjun Rajyagor is the tenth and final candidate. Born in Essex, he is a self-confessed maths fanatic[18] who believes that the most sensible thing to do is to "always look at the end goal and find a way to get there[18]". It is a well known fact that Arjun loves computers[18]; so much so that he actually erected his own aged just twelve[18]. At the time of Junior Apprentice, he was seventeen[18], and has A levels in Maths and Systems, Physics and Control, and owns an AS level in further Maths[18]. Today, he runs a repair business from his bedroom[18].

Episode summary[]

Please click on the headings for more information - these are just summaries.

Task one[]

Spending £500 on 23 different types of cheese, and selling them at a location of their choice, and to make a profit.


Revolution won having made a profit of £143.88, and the boys lost with a loss of £210.01. Lord Alan Sugar remarked that this loss was "not a good start". The treat for the girls was a visit to Tom Aitken's restaurant.


Jordan De Courcy, as Lord Alan Sugar felt that he couldn't control his team[3].

Task two[]

Task two was all about selling camping equipment that the teams had thought of themselves, and then pitching to various retailers, such as the likes of Argos and Millets. All nine of the candidates were forced to report to the dictated arena in wellington boots.

Instinct patented a sledge with detachable wheels, and Revolution had a storage unit with a games table - containing snakes and ladders, droughts/chess, etc. - on the top of it.

Team changes[]

Team leaders Hannah Cherry and Adam Eliaz switched places.


Instinct won with 3,100 total orders, and Revolution lost with none of the companies placing any orders (despite the fact that their pitches were described as "excellent"). Instinct's treat was to visit the displays of David Marks, and Lord Alan Sugar laid on a fireworks display for them.


Hibah Ansary, as Lord Alan Sugar felt that the world of business was not suited for her. However, Nick did say that candidate Emma had got away "scot-free".

Task three[]

Decorating and icing their own brand of cupcakes. They will be pitching to Selfridges.

Team changes[]

Kirsty Cleaver from the girls and Arjun Rajyagor were asked to "flip over".


Instinct won with a small profit of £15.15, and Revolution lost with a loss of £89.74. Instinct's treat was to have tea with "a good colleague of mine" Richard Branson. Adam was sent home due to ill health after Lord Alan Sugar remarked that it was "business as usual".


Rhys due to his loss in the boardroom. However, it was made very clear by Lord Alan Sugar that Tim was going to be the team leader during week four "whether you like it, or not".

Task four[]

Task four involves representing an artist of their choice, and selling their paintings at an exhibition. Tim was forced to be the team leader for Instinct, and Emma was forced to be the team leader for Revolution.


Revolution won having sold twelve pieces of art for £6,005, and Instinct lost having sold five pieces of art for £2,247.07. It was remarked that one of Arjun's paintings was sold for £2,850 and would have eclipsed all five of Instinct's paintings.


Hannah, for having a lack of practical knowledge as an oppose to just the necessary qualifications.

Task five[]

The teams jet off to find products to pedal.


Revolution sold £9,025 to House of Fraser, £0 to Liberties, and £1,146.45 from other retailers, making a total profit of £10,171.45[13]. Instinct sold £0 to House of Fraser, £2,529.09 to other retailers and a very small £37,257 to Liberties[note 1] (totalling £39,786.09), resulting in a minor win from Instinct.


Emma Walker, as Lord Alan Sugar felt Arjun had considerable potential demonstrated across the five tasks, and Zoe has incredible vocal potential. This decision made Emma break down.

Task six[]

Tim and Arjun will be going head to head with Kirsty and Zoe (who are assisted by Hannah, Hibah and Jordan[20]) with Adam, Rhys and Emma[20] to erect a new variety of bottled water.


Tim and Arjun won the task, and Zoe and Kirsty lost.


Arjun, as Lord Alan Sugar felt that he had natural business flair and intelligence that only some people are born with[15].


  1. This, as cited by Lord Alan Sugar, is the highest profits ever made on any task.


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