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"Keep it simple and get on with the people you're working with - it's common sense"[1][2]

Joanna Riley, 25, will be a candidate on series six of The Apprentice. She rose from humble beginnings to corporate success with her cleaning company[1] having previously worked as a hotel waitress[2] and describes herself as "honest, direct and funny"[1]. She is originally from Leicester and is inspired by her twin sons[2].

Just before the series was about to premier, it was revealed that Joanna, amongst others, had a criminal conviction; in 2005, Joanna abused three taxi drivers in a drunken rampage going as far as to call one of them a "fucking dirty paki"[3] and was given a two-year conditional discharge. This was after the driver made an "extremely provocative, sexist and insulting comment"[3]

On week one, she became team leader and led her team to victory[1]. Week two, however, was not her week; after incessant head-bashings with project manager Laura, Karren Brady stepped in to blast the girls[note 1] and was cautioned that she would need a "remarkable recovery[4]" if she wanted to survive much longer in the competition.


  1. Karren: "Can I just say something? You are representing businesswomen today and I have to say that it is outrageous the way that you are behaving. 70% of my management team are women and I've never come across anything like this. I think you have to remember who you are representing in this process, young women out there who want to have an opportunity like this. You should set an example."
    • Lord Sugar: "Some people get confused and think this is all about who can shout loudest and that is not what I'm looking for. All I'm hearing is a group of ladies in turmoil."
    "Listen to Karren's words. I think that's the most sensible thing said here today."