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Jenny Celerier
Version: UK Series
Series: Series 4
Fired: Week 7
Age: 36
Home Town: Leicester
Profession: Sales Manager
Qualifications: BA (Hons) Marketing, De Montfort University
Name Fired
Lee McQueen Winner
Claire Young Week 12
Helene Speight Week 12
Alex Wotherspoon Week 12
Lucinda Ledgerwood Week 11
Michael Sophocles Week 10
Raef Bjayou Week 9
Sara Dhada Week 8
Jennifer Maguire Week 7
Jenny Celerier Week 7
Kevin Shaw Week 6
Lindi Mngaza Week 5
Simon Smith Week 4
Ian Stringer Week 3
Shazia Wahab Week 2
Nicholas de Lacy-Brown Week 1

Jenny Celerier was a candidate on the fourth series of the UK edition of The Apprentice. She was fired in week seven along with Jennifer Maguire.


Jenny was born in Ipswich on the 18th November 1971 and has been interested in business since an early age, at one point digging up the flowers in her parents' flower bed and selling them on a stall made from a box of oranges.

At age 18, she had her son but while raising him she educated herself to degree level.

After working her way up the career ladder she became a sales manager and oversees a group of sixteen people. During her career she has won numerous business awards.

The Apprentice[]

Jenny started off on the girls' team Alpha. In week one the teams had to sell fish, and lead by Claire Young, Alpha went on to win.

In the second week the teams had to run a laundry service, and Jenny was project manager of Alpha. She immediately began to argue with team mates, subsequently causing Lucinda Ledgerwood to cry. Throughout the task, Jenny was very unlucky. Laundry was lost and due to a late start they had to carry on their ironing at the house, only to find the boys on Rennaisance lead by Raef Bjayou were using the irons for the night. The next day they frantically tried to finish, and in the end they had to pay for some lost items. In the boardroom it turned out Alpha had lost and Jenny brought both Lucinda and Shazia Wahab back in. There was some controversy caused by Jenny claiming Shazia had left her to do the work despite Jenny having given her permission to return to the house. Sir Alan Sugar did not the full story, and neither did Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford. In the end Shazia was fired.

For the third week the teams had to run a restaurant. Alpha was lead by Sara Dhada and chose a Bollywood theme which lead them to victory.

In week four there was the first team change. Jenny, Claire and Sara moved to Rennaisance, taking the places of Raef, Kevin Shaw and Lee McQueen who moved to Alpha. Rennaisance was lead by Simon Smith, who decided to do a "glamour and beauty" theme. Due to communication problems and arguements between Simon, Jenny, Claire and Alex the team lost and made a loss of £73.81. Jenny managed to escape the boardroom on this occasion, and Simon brought back Claire and Alex instead. Simon was fired subsequently.

Week five saw the teams creating new flavours of ice cream and selling them. Rennaisance were lead by Claire again after asking Sir Alan for an oppurtunity to prove herself after being close from getting fired the previous week. Jenny was part of the team selling their ice creams which were "Very Berry" and "Cider & Elderflower" (these were tested on two men drinking in the local pub). One of their orders which could have made much more of a profit was taken by Alpha, but Rennaisance achieved a last minute deal leading them to win with a £1455.45 profit in opposition to £1273.64 made by Alpha. Alpha also came under fire for promising exclusivity to potential buyers.

For week six the teams had to create a new occasion as well as a greetings card for it. Kevin was project manager for Rennaisance and he picked up on Jenny's idea of a "save your planet day". This eventually lost due to the irony of the fact that cards are printed on paper and only 6,000 cards were sold to Tesco whereas Raef's idea for Alpha of "National Singles' Day" pulled in 22,500. Kevin decided to bring Claire and Sara into the boardroom. Sir Alan questioned why Jenny had not been brought back, as the occasion was her idea. Kevin felt she had worked hard, and he was fired for this as well as his poor management. Sara had come under fire from team mates in the boardroom as well as Sir Alan, and when she returned Lee began to question why she was not fired despite him having been on Alpha. Alex and Jenny joined in and a heated arguement began. Claire changed her view and blamed Simon for losing but Jenny argued with her. At this point Raef stepped in to defend Sara and told everyone that Sir Alan had made his decision and they should not question her.

The task for week seven was to buy products in Marrakkech for as cheap as possible. Jenny was keen on visiting the country, having been interested in travel. During the task Rennaisance was lead by Jennifer Maguire who assisted in the team's lose due to buying the wrong products. Jenny also caused many problems due to trying to bless a chicken so it would be kosher but by a Muslim priest while working with Michael Sophocles. The two also tried to bribe the people selling tennis rackets not to string the other team's rackets. In the boardroom, Rennaisance were revealed to have lost, and the whole team was brought into the boardroom. Jenny was the first fired in what became a double-firing with Jennifer being fired shortly after. Jenny was fired due to her constantly blaming others and attempts to bribe. She and Michael were also criticized for the kosher chicken incident. Jenny and Michael argued violently about this with Jenny accusing Michael of knowing full well what kosher meant and Michael retorted calling Jenny a "bare-faced liar". Jenny was asked by Sir Alan whether she knew what kosher meant which she denied, and he said he was shocked due to her age and interest in travel. Jenny subsequently revealed it was her 37th birthday, which also happened to be the day she was fired.

Post Apprentice[]

When appearing on The Apprentice: You're Fired! she was criticized by Vanessa Feltz and Michelle Mone for not knowing the meaning of kosher. Feltz herself is Jewish and Mone said she is from Glasgow and still knowns what it means. The two also criticized her for making it seem all businesswomen have to be as sly and horrible as Celerier was seen. Host Adrian Chiles joked he was terrified of meeting her at the start of the show. Celerier has also been compared to Katie Hopkins.

In May 2008 she appeared on an Apprentice edition of The Weakest Link. She came third overall after being voted off by series three's Kristina Grimes and series two's Jo Cameron who went on to win. Fellow series four candidates were Kevin Shaw and Ian Stringer. Celerier insisted she wanted to show herself not as a "snake in the grass" as Sir Alan had deemed her, but as a charmer.