Hibah Ansary

Hibah Ansary

Hibah Ansary is a candidate in Junior Apprentice who believes that "entrepreneurialism is in her blood"[1]. She was the team leader in week one, but was fired the following week.

Week one saw Hibah become the team leader when none of the other girls would[1]. She did say that she was not afraid to take a risk; but unfortunately this risk really didn't pay off very well, because even though Hibah led her team to victory, she made a painful error in allowing Zoe's contributions to outshine her own. This eventually proved to be her eventual downfall.

Week two saw Hibah again give in to a lack of contribution. Hibah offered a suggestion with her portable board games concept, and was extremely passionate about her idea. However, she was too quick to dismiss other suggestions, which caused several heated encounters with team leader Adam. She should really have taken note of Adam's passion, however, since this was to eventually be her downfall; Adam quite literally dug his way out of an enormous hole in the boardroom, leaving Lord Alan Sugar with no other alternative (she had already proven to be inferior to Zoe, the third candidate in the firing line) but to fire Hibah.


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