Hannah Cherry

Hannah Cherry

Hannah Cherry is a candidate on Junior Apprentice. Being a "designer and inventor", she was very happy to be the team leader in week two of the girls (although the smile was nearly wiped off of her face after Lord Alan Sugar switched the two team leaders around).

Nick Hewer remarked that Hannah and Tim were too quick to disregard the suggestions of Arjun and Rhys and plough ahead with their ideas[1]. However, her fellow candidates only had positive comments for their leader[1], and won the task for the boys, leaving Hannah being the only candidate to have won both week one and week two.

In week three, more effort was exerted by Hannah than was exerted by the project manager (who got fired that week after a loss). She felt that herself and Tim were managing themselves and her lack of faith towards Rhys grew and grew until she unilaterally generated a new method of selling. This was not enough and the team still made a loss.

In week four, her contributions to the task were fairly large. She started off the task by taking some notes for Tim during the talks with the artist[1] - essentially acting as a secretary, while Tim did nothing but chat to the artist - and handed out fliers to participants. In the exhibition itself, Hannah managed to sell some of the team's art. However, all of this - bearing in mind that Kirsty did nothing in the art exhibition itself, and that Tim did nothing but chat during the talks with the artist - was nowhere near enough. Not only did the profits of Instinct lessen a third of Revolution's profits, but it was remarked that a single painting sold by Arjun would have eclipsed the entire profits taken in by Instinct. Lord Alan Sugar fired Hannah due to a lack of "practical application"[1], but did remark it was a "close call".


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