Emma Walker

Emma Walker

Emma Walker is a candidate on Junior Apprentice. Prior to the aforementioned comeuppance, she was studying for her AS levels in Maths, Business Studies, Economics, Politics and Biology[1].

Task oneEdit

In week one, Emma made it quite clear to the rest of the group that she was uncomfortable taking on the role of project manager[1]. However, to avoid hypocrisy, she went on support the nominated leader Hibah, and even spoke up in support of Hibah after she highlighted the conflict between herself and Zoe[1]. Despite the aforementioned conflict, her team walked away with a profit of £143.88[2].

Task twoEdit

In week two, Emma decided that in order to keep Revolution's storage unit/games table lightweight and flexible, that the product should be made out of cardboard[1]. That's fine, but the bone of contention that all three of the retailers Revolution pitched to had was that the cardboard would get very soggy after a camping trip. The team failed to sell a single unit to any of the three retailers[3]. Despite this fatal mistake, Emma escaped - in the words of Nick Hewer - "scot-free"[1].

Task threeEdit

In week three, Emma was extremely active. She was very nearly the team leader, but Zoe wanted to be as well, and Emma eventually became head chef. It was her idea of an "I ♥ <name>" cupcake that caught the team's imagination[1], and they stormed onto the following stage with confidence. Due to Emma's high-operating nature, Zoe put Emma with an unwell Adam[1], so that Adam could be with someone on top of him throughout the task.

Emma made two large errors this week; she very nearly ordered 800 bases as an oppose to 350, which would have most likely lost them the task (an error Emma was quick to hold her hands up to in the boardroom[1]) - they only just made a profit at a measly £15.15[4]; and also, had she been the project manager this week, Lord Alan Sugar would most likely have made Zoe the project manager during week four, which would have resulted in an even larger profit because Zoe has a background in art.

Task fourEdit

However, in week four, Revolution's success was enormous at nearly 40,000% their takings the previous week. Emma enforced the paramount vitality of price negotiations with the artists were, although such pleas were disregarded by her team[1]. She took Arjun with her, and left Zoe on her own, as she felt that Zoe was able to cope on her own due to her high background of art. Revolution were in an extremely good position, as they had managed to secure the artist that Instinct had also chosen, and in total took in a profit of £6,005[1][5].

Task fiveEdit

In week five, Emma quickly joined in the excitement about flying to Amsterdam and it wasn't long before her mind began to drift over her selling clogs and tulips[1]. By her own admission, she stated that her strengths lay more in business than in sales[1], and this was soon evident after her abrupt style of questioning offended the designers[1] to the point of which Revolution missed out on one of the higher-priced products[1] and had to work harder in the retail pitch if they wanted to make any revenue. However, they could've done all they liked in that challenge; Tim and Kirsty had clocked up a record profit of £39,785.09[6] compared to profits of £10,171.45 from Revolution and as such found herself in the boardroom alongside Arjun and Zoe. She was quick to shift the blame onto Arjun; Lord Alan Sugar was quick to dismiss these claims and dug right into Emma, putting her track record under fire. Lord Alan Sugar went on to state "Emma, I've got no worries whatsoever about you succeeding, so with a heavy heart and much regret - you're fired!". This decision made Emma break down.

Emma found herself alongside Arjun and Zoe in the Boardroom and was quick to manoeuvre the blame for the team’s failure onto Arjun’s shoulders. Lord Sugar said he had total confidence that Emma would succeed in business, but felt that she had reached the end of her time on Junior Apprentice. Emma became the fifth candidate to be fired.


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