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Clare Young
Version: UK Series
Series: Series 4
Fired: Week 12 (Runner-up)
Age: 28
Home Town: Tooting, London
Profession: Senior Retail Buyer
Qualifications: BSc in Equine Science, Bristol University
Name Fired
Lee McQueen Winner
Claire Young Week 12
Helene Speight Week 12
Alex Wotherspoon Week 12
Lucinda Ledgerwood Week 11
Michael Sophocles Week 10
Raef Bjayou Week 9
Sara Dhada Week 8
Jennifer Maguire Week 7
Jenny Celerier Week 7
Kevin Shaw Week 6
Lindi Mngaza Week 5
Simon Smith Week 4
Ian Stringer Week 3
Shazia Wahab Week 2
Nicholas de Lacy-Brown Week 1

Claire Young was a candidate on the fourth series of the UK edition of The Apprentice. Claire became the runner-up after losing out to Lee McQueen in a final boardroom session.


Claire was born in Johannesburg, on December 20th 1969 and she was educated in a Convent. She took up a degree in Equine Science while attending a year at medical school.

Claire then became Club 18-30 holiday rep in Magaluf which caused controversy after it was revealed she would often appear topless. Later on though, she realised she wanted to be a Category Buying Manager, and from there she became a Senior Retail Buyer.

The Apprentice was not Claire's first hopes of being seen on television, as she auditioned multiple times for the reality television series Big Brother, though she was unsuccessful. Clare's inspirational figure is Oprah Winfrey, and at her work was nicknamed "the rottweiler" due to her ability to go after whatever she wants.

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