Christopher Farrell

"I was a sniper in the Royal Marines and I take that killer instinct across into business[1]"

Christopher Farrell, 28, will be a candidate on series six of The Apprentice. Previously, he worked as a Royal Marine Commando who has served his country from 1998-2008[1] having seen action in Iraq, Northern Island, Kosovo and Afghanistan and for the last two years has worked as a mortgage broker. He describes himself as "focused and driven" and is originally from Cheshire. He is also enthusiastic about health and fitness[1][2] and is a keen golfer[1].

Less than a week before broadcast of the premier episode of series six it has been revealed that Farrell has a heavy criminal record; he was taken to task by the police in September 2009 after he was caught in possession of an extendable baton and a knuckle duster[3], he is at current being taken to task again due to his financial irregularities[4] and was fired three months into his first job for watching adult pornography whilst at work[5]. This has caused much embarrassment amongst the BBC.


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