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Brent Buckman
Age 30
Hometown Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.
Occupation Attorney
Season The Apprentice 5 (US)
Teams Synergy
Times as PM 0
PM Record
Place 14th

Brent Michael Buckman was a contestant from Season 5 of The Apprentice (US).

He is remembered for being extremely difficult for his team to get along with, so much that they all wished he would get fired.

The Apprentice Season 5[]

Brent was the last person selected by Allie Jablon to join her team. Brent was not bothered by this, as he was used to being picked last all his life. Right from the start Brent had a rough time convincing his team to go along with his ideas. When the team was discussing possible names, Brent suggested the name "Killer Instinct Corporation" only to have it vetoed by the rest of the team. The team ended up calling themselves the Synergy Corporation, a name suggested by Pepi Diaz.

For their first task, the teams were asked to promote a Sam's Club store and sell memberships. Brent suggested the team rent a karaoke machine and put it outside of the store to attract people. Once again this idea was vetoed by the rest of the team. He also suggested that the team offer makeovers and manicures. The makeover idea too was vetoed, however Tammy Trenta liked the idea of manicures and also came up with the idea for massages. Brent backed this idea up, even offering to do the massages himself. Allie approved of the idea for massages and manicures, however gave credit for the idea solely to Tammy, which frustrated Brent.

Brent was chosen by the team to go up in the blimp, which they were using to promote the event. Brent was unhappy with this decision as he felt it was a waste of his talents, but decided to, for the time being, keep his mouth shut.

Synergy ended up winning the first task, and as a reward got to have lunch with Donald Trump. For the next task, the teams had to promote the Gillette Fusion razor blade by asking people to text message a key word to their number. The winner would be determined by the largest amount of text messages produced.

Once again Brent had trouble convincing the team to go along with his ideas, and got angry when Stacy Schneider cut him off when he was talking. Brent confronted Stacy outside and waved his finger in her face, telling her to stop cutting him off. Stacy told the rest of the team that Brent was threatening her. The entire team became fed up with Brent, saying that his disruptions were distracting the team from focusing on the task. They suggested to project manager Pepi that he fire Brent, however Pepi was hesitant to do so. The team criticized Pepi for being too indecisive on how to deal with Brent.

However, Brent did succeed in getting the team to try one of his ideas. When the team was failing to attract people to send the text messages, Brent suggested that he dance while wearing a large sign. This got him noticed, but was attracting the wrong type of attention, as everyone thought he looked ridiculous. The fact that the entire team was wearing bathrobes in the middle of Times Square (an idea suggested by Michael Laungani) didn't help. Team Synergy ended up losing the task by almost 50% margin.

Facing the Boardroom, the team agreed to make a strong case for Brent to be fired. Some of the members questioned Brent's mental stability, however they were hesitant to use those words in the boardroom out of fear of retaliation from Brent, and also looking bad in front of Donald Trump. Stacy had originally said that she felt threatened by Brent, but later denied using those words to describe how she felt.

In the Boardroom, Brent was singled out as the reason why the team lost the task, as the team felt that he was nothing but a distraction, but Bill Rancic accused the team of using Brent as as scapegoat, and questioned how one argument on the first day could have derailed the task so badly. Trump ultimately felt that the team failed to manage Brent properly, and that responsibility fell on Pepi. He also felt that the team picked a bad location, which was Stacy's responsibility. Stacy and Pepi were both fired, and Brent was spared.

Weekly Stats[]

  • Week 1: Win
  • Week 2: Loss (Boardroom)
  • Week 3: Win
  • Week 4: Fired