Arjun Rajyagor

Arjun Rajyagor is the winner of Junior Apprentice. Prior to the aforementioned comeuppance, he owned a computer repairing business[1] having built his own aged just twelve[1].

So far, Arjun is one of only two candidates to have not made the firing line. The other candidate is Emma Walker[note 1].

Task one[edit | edit source]

In week one - in which the teams had to sell £500 worth of cheese - Arjun, alongside Jordan and Adam, took to the streets to sell their cheese[1]. He indicated he had no problems interacting with the public[1] and despite making a loss of £210.01[2] escaped the firing line.

Task two[edit | edit source]

In week two, Arjun completely struggled. His suggestions and Rhys' were often being sidelined by Hannah and Tim[1]. However, unlike Rhys, Arjun actually shone after Tim refused to keep to his side of the bargain and left the entire pitching to Arjun[1]. Arjun's quick thinking and straight-talking helped secure his 3,100[3] team orders for their product[1], and their victory in the boardroom[1].

Task three[edit | edit source]

In week three, Arjun's importance was paramount. He ensured the team did not over-order the number of cupcake bases (Emma wanted to purchase 800 as an oppose to 350[4], a mistake she was quick to hold her hands up to in the boardroom[4]). As the task progressed Arjun got stuck into selling the cupcakes along with Zoe - even putting on an enormous cupcake suit along with Zoe - but towards the end of the task, pressure increased[1] and Arjun appears flustered[1]. Nonetheless, with a little help from Arjun's number crunching[1], team Revolution made a profit[5] - unlike Instinct[5] - and won the task[1].

Task four[edit | edit source]

In week four, having previously impressed his team with his quick-fire maths skills[1], it came as no surprise whatsoever that he was quick to point out the importance of "volume sales"[1]. He decided to stick with a quiet determination[1], a strategy that completely paid off when he sold one of Tom Lewis's pieces of art for £2,850, eclipsing the total sales of all five of Instinct's pieces (the five of which came to £2,247.30[6]) by over a quarter. The total profits of the team were £6,005[1][6].

Task five[edit | edit source]

In week five, Arjun led his troops Emma and Zoe with alacrity; his main aim was to ensure his team were happy with the decisions made regarding the product[1]. As a direct consequence of a lack of team input after both Instinct and Revolution chose the same product, Arjun steered negotiations on behalf of Revolution and was left with two lower-priced products[1]. He delegated well, but he did make some mistakes, such as taking away the retail pitch from Zoe and doing it himself[1]. However, this is not what cost Revolution the task. What cost Revolution the task was a record profit from Instinct; £39,785.09 was taken by them as an oppose to £10,171.45 from Revolution[7].

During the course of the boardroom, Emma and Zoe cut Arjun to pieces with their accusations of choosing the wrong products and relying too heavily on them for advice[1]. However, Lord Alan Sugar saw straight through their accusations and praised his mathematical and business skills over the previous five weeks[1]; also mentioning how Arjun had made £700 of the teams total sales[1] (just under 7% of the total sales) and put him into the final - narrowing down his choices to just Emma Walker and Zoe Plummer - before he fired Emma Walker.

Task six[edit | edit source]

In week six, Arjun was also the project manager - albeit joint with Tim - and was asked to erect the branding and advertising campaign for a bottle of water. As an attempt to rid himself of his "calculator basher" nickname[1], Arjun impressed Karren Brady with his creative skills[1] by taking control of the filming of the advert, by means of choosing the shots and directing the actors, and by doing so unleashed his flare that he was more than just a "mathematics man"[1]. When interrogated over his brand - which was, by the way, called "A Bottle of Water" as suggested by Tim[8] - Arjun handled the questions about the simplicity of his brand with confidence[1].

Come the boardroom, when asked by Lord Alan Sugar about what he had done in the boardroom, he listed his various business ventures, including his role as a head prefect and his business of repairing computers from his house. Lord Alan Sugar declared Arjun the first Junior Apprentice winner[1].

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