Alex Epstein

"Be different. When everyone is zigging, you should zag[1][2]"

Alex Epstein, 26, is a candidate on series six of The Apprentice. He credits himself as being the original conceiver of the bendy bus and has no problems admitting to his unconventionalist ways. He currently resides in Manchester.

Early lifeEdit

Epstein began his childhood by erecting a plethora of innovative new products[1] including an idea very similar to that of the bendy bus[2] before storming through school with 10 A* GCSEs. Perhaps surprisingly, he was fired from his premier job (selling ice cream for Haagen Dazs). He later found his footing is corporate communications only to be fired from that as a direct consequence of the recession.

The ApprenticeEdit

Alex was in the firing line in week one, but survived.


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