Adam Eliaz

Adam Eliaz

Adam Eliaz is a candidate in the series Junior Apprentice who left school at sixteen to run his own online company selling camping and fishing equipment[1].

Task oneEdit

In task one, Adam - being an experienced market trader[1] - was eager to demonstrate his knowledge to the group when they were deciding their choice of location for their cheese stall[1]. Upon the change of their strategy, Adam demonstrated an ability to charm customers and getting stuck into his work[1].

Task twoEdit

In task two, Adam seemed the natural choice for project manager because of his experience of selling camping equipment[1]. However, he couldn't keep the stronger personalities in his team under control and the output was a multi-functional product that lacked any clear purpose. (The two merged products were a games unit as suggested by Hibah, and a storage unit as suggested by Kirsty.) This lack of leadership resulted in the team losing and Adam fighting to save his bacon. Fortunately, his burning drive helped him survive to last another day.

Task threeEdit

In task three, Adam spent the most part of the task feeling under the weather[1]. He was very quiet during the brainstorm session and couldn't keep up in the kitchen[1]. Even though he made the effort to complete the task, Lord Alan Sugar instructed him to go home to his parents and recover.


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